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  1. Bought a Prometheus soft bucking along with a flat hop up nub. I'll post here, once it is installed, to express my opinion of how it performs in comparison to a stock one.
  2. Hi I currently own a cm077a with this barrel: http://www.taiwangun.com/en/precision-inner-barrels/high-precision-6-02-interchange-barrel-455-mm-for-ak-47-ak-47s-guarder?from=listing&campaign-id=19 and this hop up chamber: http://www.taiwangun.com/en/hop-up-chambers-2/high-performanced-hop-up-chamber-for-ak-point?from=listing&campaign-id=19 I am interested in adding a decent hop up bucking to complete these mods. Any suggestions? I heard maple leaf are a good choice, but I need to know which model and which nub to buy to go with it. Kind regards,
  3. Bought an ICS mp5 sd6 from my local shop. In case people are wondering. Thank you for all the help.
  4. That's a good shout, cheers mate :).
  5. I had a look at some reviews and it seems ok, but I have 'encountered' another 'problem'. The TM Desert Eagle looks sooooooooo nice that I might just pick that gun over the mp5.....I wonder what you guys think.
  6. I guess you mean Classic Army? MP5SD6 (CM.049SD6) looks pretty good to be honest. I wonder if it is possible to get something better in a similar price range, and if not, will I have to spend significantly more in order to do so? Nonetheless, I do wonder what are your thoughts guys on this particular Cyma one.
  7. Hi guys, I am planning to purchase an MP5 SD6, however I am not sure from which manufacturer. I looked at ICS and G&G, and both seem really good, but my budget is £200. I am looking for the gun to be made of metal (mostly anyway, if possible). Regards,
  8. Hi guys, I am thinking of getting a barrel for an SR 25 and I am not sure what to get. I am mostly after accuracy and range....so what should I get? Guarder 6.03, 6.02 (509mm)? Maybe a different brand like Prometheus? Prometheus seem expensive and I could not find one online available 'easily' in UK. Thanks
  9. The inner barrel in this AK 74 (RK-05) is 502 mm. So it might be a bit over, perhaps M100 would be a better choice? Again, average fps of 340 would be perfect. I'm thinking about this spring: https://www.amazon.co.uk/ELEMENT-M105-SPRING-AIRSOFT-AEG/dp/B00AE3W7QI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1479851045&sr=8-1&keywords=m105+spring or this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/ULTIMATE-M100-SPRING-BLACK-AEG/dp/B00793OSF4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1479852146&sr=8-1&keywords=m100+spring Thoughts? btw. According to the website, the stock spring is M125. lol.
  10. Hi guys, I am thinking of changing the spring in my Dboys AK 74 for a weaker one, as playing with 390 fps is proving to be difficult when searching for sites that allow this kind of power. Any ideas for what type of spring I should change it in order for me to go to most games? including CQB too..maybe?? I was thinking about a M105 spring. Something that will keep it at around 330-350 fps.
  11. Hi guys, I know it's been a while, sorry! Just to add to this topic, everything has been resolved. The Lipo works great and the AK works surprisingly well with it. Besides, that Dboys AK is actually not bad. Some guys with VFC and marui guns who came to my last Airsoft game were actually surprised at how well it shot! Anyways! cheers guys!
  12. I have discovered additional interesting fact about my lipo. The wires inside the Tamiya connector are spinning. they do not come off the plasticy bit but I can spin them inside freely, which I think is not good. Could anyone tell me if this is going to impact on anything?
  13. I'll use it as soon as I can and we shall see how it does...of course, when it'll be fully charged!
  14. Right. The M4 was shooting ok and so was the AK after it got charged for a bit, which means that the charger was shit. I have contacted the seller and he will be sending me a new one. Besides, it still does not explain how come the motor got so hot, yet with nimh batteries it was not a problem (I have used 2 other batter which happened to be nimh). My suspicion is that either the charger or the battery are faulty. It'll all become more clear once I will get the new charger sent over to me. I'll post here the result of my investigation! . In the meantime, please find attached photos of my battery to this post. As you can see, the battery looks, alright? I guess?
  15. Ok. Got it. Thanks guys. even though I have charged it for 30 min, the gun only shot for about a minute. Also, I am a big newbie so I am not sure how to check the wiring of the gun.
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