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  1. Hi guys new to hpa, would really like an LCT G3 and have seen m4 style stocks for them but I'm wondering if the Redline Airstock could be fitted to one?
  2. Hi guys, I've just acquired a flashlight with remote switch and have been able to mount it to the RIS rail - what is the best way for securing the wires and remote switch to a foregrip?
  3. Gents I must say this thread has raised some interesting and valid points... I appreciate the advice of much more seasoned players than myself, admittedly it was as much curiousness as to whether it could be done as opposed to any practical purpose (something which has been raised here) perhaps keeping the weight of the load out down plus being able to get my rifle into position more quickly I feel is much more important having played CQB again since, still learning as I go, again though the advice is much appreciated
  4. Appreciate the advice on the knee pads, been looking at some trousers to match the rest of the load out that comes with them.
  5. Thanks folks for your thoughts on the matter - was unfortunate enough to be injured recently (not the shoulder) but regardless it has made me a little more cautious with regards to a sport I otherwise very much enjoy, see both sides of the argument though I suppose loadouts are a personal matter and that's what it's down to, cheers anyway
  6. Thanks buddy aye they aren't massive money so I'll give them a go, let everyone know how it turns out. Appreciate the advice
  7. Just a simple yes or no, grow up please.
  8. Guys looking some more advice - I currently own an 8Fields Hard Armour Plate Carrier, found side pouches for some protection - keep getting hit where there's no Armour, on that note I'm wondering, I've seen some Flye shoulder pads and wondered if they can be fit to any molle vest? If not are there any alternatives?
  9. Yeah I've been going to Trigger Happy recently, just getting into it but would be interested in some of the outdoor sites if anyone is interested
  10. Thanks Ajax, yeah I'll look into it, think it's only £20 or maybe slightly less so maybe take the risk and see. If not is there a tac vest you could recommended?
  11. Hi guys seeking some advice, am after a relatively cheap plate carrier to get started with and wondered if anyone has had much experience with the 8fields vests?
  12. Hi guys, still making a decision on my load out, need some advice on which would be the best GBBR - price wise between £300-375
  13. That's excellent folks, appreciate your help.
  14. Thanks guys for the advice, yeah I'll check out all of the options first before making any purchase, last question, after the two months of being registered at a skirmishing club how long does it take to get the UKARA number?
  15. Just heard G&G were solid and reliable, admittedly I've looked at the VFC versions of the same rifles, thoughts on those would be much appreciated
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