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  1. That's great, thanks buddy! I'll probably stick with it really, the difference isnt too great, i've tried to negate the difference slightly with a light dusting of brown paint from a long distance that's made a slight difference but I appreciate getting in touch. Cheers Ditch
  2. Howdy I've got an Ares Amoeba pro km07 with Octarms Keymod in FDE, I'm in the process of painting my Eotech and magnifier to match the furniture however the paint i've selected has not quite matched the paint on the furniture; Does anyone know of a matt lacquer that may darken my paintwork only slightly? At the moment the paint is bare and unprotected so a lacquer in matt would make things match, as well as protecting the paint. Pics inline, please ignore the bollock-hair trimmer in top-right, thanks in advance for your help! Cheers Ditch
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