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  1. How would I go about charging a 7.4 lipo?
  2. Yes I do, mainly just a higher fps and better accuracy/range..
  3. so you do run 11.1v. why did you say 7.4, and why did you say no need for upgrades.
  4. I know, i come to london a lot because of work that is why my profile says i play at the mall
  5. nice try i am proficient at coding
  6. its 04:30 right now so i have to go
  7. And also different time zones if you are wondering. Im at melbourne
  8. that is what kriss arms told me, but i am imagining you know better than them?
  9. At work my friend was trying to sell me his krytac or tm and i bought the krytac and got it off him the same day. i already had batteries from my cm16 to put on it. so i was simply wondering what batteries i should use on them, and was also wondering if i could get upgrades because the gun is used and it needs some refining. not a friendly forum community is it?
  10. what do you mean get it cycling?
  11. And why do you recommend the recoil spring apart from the facts that it is badass?
  12. Thanks! I will most likely be picking one up for my next milsim So what upgrades do you reccomend on it? (So far you said the 7075 aluminium slide,nylon frame)..
  13. I am thinking on buying this gun. Is it good? Is it reliable? Overall should i get it?
  14. Yesterday i got a krytac lvoa. A great gun overall (i cleaned it and shot it and regulated the hop up) but in terms of range and bullet spread over a long range i wasnt too impressed. Do you recommend any barrels i can upgrade on this gun?
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