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  1. I'm just reading this thread having the same thoughts about buying a a&k pkm. Have you had anymore ideas as to weather or not you are going to buy 1 as its a lot of money if it turns out its only fit as a wall hanger.
  2. The problems above are constantly BBS jamming in the barrel or if they do Leave the barrel they travel a few meters. Initially I thought it was the gearbox as I know the piston seals are worn. So I swapped the gear box with my good one. The problem was the same. The gun in question is a 2nd hand AK it had a metal hop up so I swapped in my CYMA factory fitted hopup and the gun fires . This now highlights that the upgraded hop up is not working compatible with the gearbox although it appears to be identical to my upgraded hop up in my good AK. I'm now a little unsure.... Im thinking do I need a longer nozzle? Or is the upgrade hopup machined wrong but looks identical to the plastic factory one .
  3. Cheers bud. That's pretty much my thinking. Thanks for the confirmation I bought this gun as non working so should be up and running soon.
  4. OK so I have just removed the tappet and piston and put it all back together. The motor and gears now turn . now the pick up gear is spinning clockwise. I'm sure its supposed to spin anticlockwise to pick up the piston and pull it back . (When laid on my work bench Rear of gearbox is to the left nozzle on the right.) Am I correct in thinking the pick up gear spins anti clockwise?
  5. The motor appears to jam with no gear movement. CYMA ak The gears try to move as I can see them flinch. Its like a flat battery. (But its fully charged)
  6. My gear box stopped working . I stripped it down and tested the motor which works fine. When trigger is pressed. So nothing wrong with motor or trigger contacts one would assume. I did notice that the tapped seemed to have an upward bend and wanted to sit on the gearshift Rather than flat against the gear cog. I reassembled the gearbox and it fired 2 shots before stopping firing. Any ideas to the problem?
  7. Its OK I worked it out. Cheers for the advice.
  8. Hi I fancy having a go at my first upgraded gun but I'm a little unsure on the gearbox. The gun I'm going to up grade is cm.028u I want to try and get it to a support weapon. So far for my own amusement I've got the following upgrades, hopup and rubber, inner barrel, spring 100/m , Now I want to speed up the rate of fire with a high speed short motor..... Here's where I'm stuck do I need to upgrade the gears or can I run with the original factory fitted kit by CYMA???
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