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  1. ok thanks, would a sp 100 damage my internals?
  2. ah okay thats some good info thanks, will probs get sp100 as im using .25s
  3. also just realised you said m95 when hes using SP springs, not M ones
  4. thanks, appreciate it, will see how it performs first before buying parts
  5. Hello, I'm waiting for an ARES AMOEBA KM15 octarms and this youtuber upgraded the spring on his (will post link and timestamp it) https://youtu.be/ACCj9oCRKR0?t=5m16s - at this part he's picking the spring and he picks a SP-110, he ends up trimming it a tiny bit so its under 400fps will this be too much fps for my internals? he was getting 123metres/s which is just over 400fps. so in conclusion will I need to buy a strong piston and metal gears if i buy this spring? or just get an sp-100? how much fps would an sp-100 give me? read around that it'd be 360ish but still unsure if this fps will damage my internals. Any advice/help is appreciated, thanks.
  6. go out into the country with the permission of a farmer or something to use a field. or local woodland?
  7. thanks for the suggestions guys, thinking about a TM vsr10.
  8. i'd say the best thing to do would go into the country and shoot, thats what i do, ask for permission to shoot in a field from a farmer or something
  9. like how all kids bb guns have big orange tips
  10. idk, just an idea because when they see the orange tip they know its fake
  11. I've used a two tone in mine and ive been fine but then again its two tone and not a RIF
  12. id buy a crap suppressor and paint it orange or something, to let them know its fake.
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