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  1. Greg1933


    A couple of weeks ago I posted a thread asking for advice on purchasing a metal rail fore-grip for my M15... Site member "ak2m4" showed me a couple that he sells on his website and after a little bit of scratching my head and asking advice of friends I decided to take him up on his offer. Really quick delivery and the product is great...the 10" rail I ordered is now fitted to my rifle and I am very happy. So if you are looking for well priced rails, look no further...ak2m4 is the man to speak to. www.ak2m4.co.uk Cheers
  2. Is the plate carrier for looking the part in milsim for realism? Just curious...
  3. @ PROFFRINK....It means it is not classed as a DMR / Sniper rifle so I can still engage targets (at the site I attend) around the same distance as other guys using normal AEGs...where as the guys using DMRs / Sniper rifles with a higher FPS rating have to switch to a side arm / secondary weapon when they get within a certain distance of targets.
  4. If only it was feasible http://www.opticsplanet.com/flir-systems-thermal-night-vision-riflescope.html
  5. @AshonShow...'Apparently that kind of guy is what you refer to as "Captain Milsim" ' I think I would call him "Captain Muppet" or something less kind personally !!
  6. You could always get a thermal imager for your phone (£200 approx.)...
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