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  1. If I got to use those, I wouldn't have to clean it. Nothing more fun that clearing out 5+ people in one throw
  2. I've got a bit of time coming up so I figured it was about time to give the ol' bang grenade a clean. The last few times the rotating drum (multishot base) has been incredible stiff to turn. What products do you guys use to keep them clean and useful? I know I need to put a little grease into the base but I also want to try and clean off all the carbon deposits.
  3. Oh my god you are a life saver, thank you so much. Just ordered 8 bottles so I can stock up!
  4. The title is a little bit of a no-brainer but I need a little help. I simply cannot find .28g green tracers in stock anywhere. I can find Nuprol Diamond Grade .28g Green Tracers on Google, (Patrolbase, JDAirsoft, Surplusstore.co.uk and Fire Support have them listed) but no where to buy. On Surplus Store, it does say the product 'has been discontinued' and I was wondering if that's just their website or if the product has actually stopped production. If so, is there any alternative to them? I only ask for specifically .28's because the gun I run my tracer on has an S-Hop which is set for .28's (With no extra hop dialled in) and overhops .25's which I have been able to find.
  5. I've answered this before but I'll answer it again. For a start, I don't go far. For me to get to my skirmish site it's about 10 mile which is just enough for me. Secondly, I take three bags. The top most bag (Clear panel) is my tank bag, sits on the bike and doesn't affect my steering. That tends to hold my pistol case, face protection, gloves, hat, rifle sling, batteries and battery tester. The right hand bag is the obvious one, rifle bag. Black rifle slip I got from Patrolbase which I put over my back but UNDER the backpack. Sticks out a bit above and down to my left but I've learnt to accommodate it, I just don't filter. Finally, the big one, my hiking backpack. It's a 65L one I bought specifically for Airsoft and it carries everything else I need. Boots, plate carrier, ammo, gas water bottles, spare t-shirt, rifle attachments. Yeh it gets heavy (Probably 10-15kg) but I'm used to it. Thick, padded shoulder straps with a chest strap and waist strap to held spread the pressure about + with the way my bike is, the bag actually sits on my rear seat a bit which takes quite a bit of weight off me. People mention that it affects handling and well, it does. It slows you down. But you should never be trying to go as fast as you can. Aim to ride smoothly and carefully, be aware of your weight and accommodate. Normally take that corner at 30? Knock it down to 25, just be safe. Its your safety at the end of the day. Final word. If you aren't comfortable taking it. Don't. Never force yourself to take more than you have to, never force yourself to ride outside of your limits and your comfort zone. I did that once and I was lucky to only damage my pride and dignity and not the bike. (Unrelated to Airsoft incident). For reference, here's my bike. Kawasaki ER-6N with a restrictor (Because A2 license lol) You can actually see my tank bag and the way it sits plus imagine the way my backpack can sit on the rear seat thanks to it being somewhat raised up.
  6. You could try Nuprols 1.0 gas. It's less powerful than 2.0 (Green) iirc.
  7. I can't give you any advice for N Mags but I use PTS EPM Midcaps in my Krytac CRB. Like a glove. They slot in nice and easily, are held in position well and slip right on out when the mag release is pressed. They feed absolutely perfectly as well, even on full auto. Somewhat curiously, the mags fit better in my Krytac than my PTS Magpul RM4.
  8. Invasion Airsoft in Stockport runs a semi-shot only rule, no full-auto or even burst fire. It is funny though when my mate plays, his trigger finger on his G&G Predator is ridiculous. We can guarantee every time we play that he'll get accused of full-auto at least 3 times.
  9. And I just bought a TM KSG-12. I think I might end up getting a third shotgun so long as it doesn't result in nuked batteries like my TM AA-12 lol
  10. So I went and bought the KSG that was on sale today and played with it for the afternoon. Holy sh*t that gun is fun as f*ck. Definitely a good purchase. Pretty much. Each shell has a 'plastic cage' for want of a better term which is what fires out of the shell and from the barrel. Each of these 'cages' has upwards of 12 BB's in them with a small sticker to keep them in the shell before firing. As it turns out, when fired, due to the 'cage' the BB's don't spread like they would from a normal tri-shot shotgun. They stick closer together so you get hit by more. My mate who was playing that day said he got shot from across a room (About 25M) and got hit by at least half of the BB's from one shell, or at least what felt like half. People were not happy about those shotguns and it was tricky to marshall with them.
  11. Probably not as bad as a lad at my site on Sunday just gone. He was on the receiving end of an APS Shell-ejecting shotgun. Took a shot to the side of the face (all that was visible), 9 nice little welts with a couple bleeding as well. He was not happy and that's when I learned those things fire 12 BB's per shot and also found out that they don't spread like a normal shotgun would.
  12. I was wondering what experience people have with this gun. I'm looking at getting one for myself and while they're £350 new, my site has one for sale used but, based off the pictures as I've not had chance to go see it in person, it comes with a sling, 2 gas tanks and 18 shells all for £350. Obviously I'll have a look at it when I'm down on Sunday but I'm liking the look of it. A few specifics I'm questioning though before I make definitely buy it. What gas would you use in it? I've seen Black Gas somewhere (I think a Matt the Musketeer video) but I'm not sure how well that'd go down in say middle of summer With stock internals what sort of range are you looking at for it? How many shells/shots could a single tank fire before running out What's the weight of it like when running around If I were to take it to a milsim, how effective could it be and how many shells would I be allowed to take onto the field?
  13. WE tends to make very good pistols for the money. I have a Biohazard M9 and 2 Gen 3 G17's and all 3 are solid guns with good weight and fire very well.
  14. Site membership is free for life at Invasion Airsoft. All it gets you is your UKARA if you ask after the usual 3 games. Walk-on fee is £25 for a Sunday, £30 for non-members, £40 for non-members and hiring.
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