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  1. Have ordered a couple of items from them. Very helpful - respond quickly to mesages on their FB page. Recommended.
  2. After banging my head off a girder and a hospital trip, bit the bullet and ordered the Airframe V2 from JC Airsoft. Good quality product and friendly comms. Arrived from China. You may also want to Google Dragon Red. I've a 62cm bonce and have to take out a bit of the padding (memory foam) but boy is it comfortable! I can't find a decent-fitting FAST-style helmet - but have bought the MICH 2000 style and strip out some of the padding. I would recommend the fibreglass version rather than ABS as they feel that bit more substantial. Cost about £40 on EvilBay. After my mishap, any site with buildings and / or concrete - helmet is on!
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