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  1. Goodbye, farewell, adieu adieu adieu!


    So I'm taking a job that has a long contract, will involve me moving around a lot, and doesn't leave me with really any chance for airsoft. So, before I leave my lovely family house for a small apartment, it's time for me to sell my airsoft kit. Yep, all of it. If a few years down the line, I have the chance to get back into airsoft, I'd love to, but for now, it's "f***-me-that's a-lot-of-stuff-Friday". Taking a long time to go through my boxes of stuff, find all my receipts, get photos up etc!


    Have made a thread in the Gear For Sale section, so feel free to paroose at one's leisure. Had fun putting a little gift basket of bonus treats together though. I do love giving prezzies!

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    2. AshOnSnow


      Ha Proffrink, you might not be far off!


      Lozart, it certainly won't be as fun as going ballistic with a belt of hi caps every month!

    3. L3wisD


      Shame to see you sell it all Ash. Hope the job is worth it!

      I'd fancy your Glock 19 - but can't stretch to the job lot asking price! :D

    4. AshOnSnow


      Haha, I've got so much stuff, if I start splitting it up, I'll never be able to keep on top of it all. I'll be buying boxes left right center.


      To be honest, when I finished the spreadsheet having counted up all the receipts, I was pretty surprised myself at how much I'd spent since September!