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  1. Hi everyone I'm soon to be purchasing an l96 and was looking for a nice 1-2 point sling for it but don't seem to find any information anywhere in what is good or the best for this type of rifle.. thanks in advance.
  2. hello i am new to airsoft and I wear glasses and find it hard to see without them... any ideas on protection for eyes that I can wear over my glasses... I proffer face masks and don't want fogging issues.. These are some goggles that I have been looking at but I aint got a clue thanks....https://www.amazon.co.uk/Protect-Tactical-Airsoft-Paintball-Cosplay/dp/B00TIL8JLO/ref=sr_1_1?s=sports&ie=UTF8&qid=1473200051&sr=1-1&keywords=British
  3. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Airsoft-Wire-Mesh-Mask-and-Goggles-Full-Face-Protection-Glasses-Skirmish-Strike-/201357695968?nav=SEARCH&varId=500553609560
  4. I will soon be going to a cqb areana in glos (strike force) could I buy an electric pistol as a first weapon would that be a smart choice? Reasons for pistol are for. Skrims Other game modes TTT Murder All off those modes I'm hoping to play with a group of friends if possible and pistols are good for the other game modes or just get a rifle and pistol? Thanks.
  5. Thanks. This forum best thing ever!! Thanks guys for all your help.
  6. Well I will get my ukara first before painting? I have done quite a bit of research. Also why different bbs? Just curious
  7. Thanks nothing stopping me getting it pained! It's also better than blue lol
  8. http://airsoftzone.co.uk/airsoft-zone-deals/starter-pack-deal-with-cm16-m4-raider-l-bright-green-aeg-gng I was wondering if this starter pack is a good place to start? It seems like a reasonable price while looking around but would like some more experienced opinions. Thanks in advance.
  9. Well maybe I will see you around I believe my first day will be the 25th of this month it's not on the site but I'm sure it will do.. Would be a lot easier to go with others so I'm bringing a friend along..
  10. I am very new to airsoft done lots of reading on forums with lots of great information, will be starting to skermish ASAP for my license. If anyone is around the Forest of Dean and glos area and looking for someone to go with hit me up. ( still rookie with no gear . Will be buying when have license. Ps Hi everyone.
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