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  1. Titchester

    Krytac mk2 - Battery advice

    Please correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the Krytacs have an in-built mosfet (I own the Mk2 Spr). That being said there are a range of hiccups that come from running 11.1v lipo's on Krytacs in the UK (weaker spring & slower motor). I use 2 stick type 7.4v 1300mah 15 -25C pic below (1 lasts all day).. the important factor to consider is the C rating as the first pull on the trigger engages the battery with a 'burst' rating (the second number), which could blow the fuse. https://krytac.forumchitchat.com/ has info and experts who can explain it in more depth than I can. Hope this helps buddy.. pew pew
  2. Titchester

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    Nice one Sacarathe! Spotted that code earlier & will be using it. Do they (code & invite) rack up cumulatively, so 20% off? Regardless, If anyone fancies pairing up for refer a friend on LWA drop me a pm as I intend to invest before the 8th Nov. Cheeeeers 😊
  3. Titchester

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    Hi guys, first off thanks for the guides. I have read them a lot. Reason for posting is I'm in need of some advice.. I've been thoroughly sifting through UK airsoft sites to find the best deal for my first RIF (have just obtained UKARA).. A certain UK online shop is offering a notable discount to be referred/ and to refer a friend. What are the ethics of broadcasting this here in the hopes someone could 'introduce' me to the site so we can both benefit from the discount? Sadly missed the opportunity to do so in the field, and don't want to go back for hefty rental fee without my precious new RIF The last thing I want to do is the rock the boat (having just climbed aboard), so any advice will be greatfully received. Cheers guys, pew pew