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  1. New and want to get into airsoft/team

    Hi @HyperRain me me and my brother in law are in Haverhill and play over that way often. I’ll give you a shout when and where we are next going could meet up. cheers rich
  2. APS Carbine Kit

    Holla Ballers, I am looking at this carbine kit; http://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=232&products_id=9478 Mostly as the RONI kits are outstocked, and well this is cheaper quite frankly. Are they any good? At the moment ive got a WE G18C and a CM030 which it says it takes. Id also consider getting another G18C GBB if this kits worthy running a few games. I fancy dipping my toe into gas primary. Or am i better off just saving for a nice MP7 or something with regards to a gas primary? Oh and also i love the WE glock but does the APS take the same mags (marui)? I could get the complete kit is all. Cheers Rich
  3. how to carry two primary weapons

    Just my 2 pence to put in. I got a metal CYMA 357 shotgun the other week. Strapped in on my back in a scabbard, ran around with my M4 and also had my pistol as a sidearm. That lasted 5 mins before i couldnt see the point in it. I then ran the shotgun and pistol on the more CQB field and the M4 and pistol on the more open field. Itsn ot worth the hassle. Get a pistol, they go cheap enough on the forums from time to time. If you get a good deal you may even sell it for more if you do quit airsoft. It depends whats trending at the time of purchase/sale to get real good deals. Cheers Rich
  4. New member from Cambridge

    hi @klein Welcome to the forum. Me and my brother in law are in Haverhill so not far. Might see you over Tuddenham sometime! Cheers Rich
  5. New player, based in Suffolk. Hi!

    Yo @Haytch Welcome into the forum. Im often late with newbie posts as i scan these once every other week or so just for people near etc. Me and my brother in law are in Haverhill. Havent been Tuddenham yet, maybe will see you there. Last few times weve been going to CQB at Battle Station Activies (more out Norwich way). But are looking at some woodsball sites for next few visits. Cheers Rich
  6. Basic Question! (?) - Battery Charger

    Thank you, was just dubious of breaking something!
  7. Hi All, Got a new LIPO charger recently from a guy on FB. And i'm a little unclear on how to use it (basic i know!). This is the one; http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/batteries-bbs-gas-chronographs-c5/chargers-c141/vapex-vte600-lipo-life-charger-p7083 Says it does 1-3 cells. It charged up my 3S 11.1v no problem. When i went to try my 2S 7.4v (due to some feeding issues), my Krytac gave the low battery warning so they hadnt seemed to charge. the manual says to plug it in and make sure + and - are correct. So i plugged in the 2S to mirror where the red cable connects from my 3S. And the manual says lights for 1 cell and 2 cell come on. But i have lights for cell 2 and cell 3 on. Indicating im connected wrong. I dont want to just shift the plug along as i dont know the repercussions of connecting it wrong in the charger... Cheers Rich
  8. Krycrack help

    Yeh it’s a shame that it can’t be welded wouldnhave just been my first go to if mine broke. i believe the issue is resolved on the mk2 lower so replacing for a new Krytac one you should be ok? its disappointing for a lot of people who spend a lot of money but unfortunately in all industries it is often the case that the first generations of products have flaws. Usually with major flaws where the customer is quote often not responsible for its failings, even post warranty, the manufacturer will do the right thing.
  9. Krycrack help

    To be honest if I was you, I’d rub it all down, find local welder/fabricator head a long and ask them to weld it up for you, bung em a few quid cash it’ll take 10 minutes of their time. Then clean it up/smooth out the weld and repaint it. by time you message Krytac talk to distributors wait for parts whatever you could have just got it done. Plus if Krytac won’t help and you gotta buy new this is cheaper. please correct me if this is wrong info or not possible. I know plenty of welders and it’s would just be my first go to..
  10. Age old Rant but need to ‘vent’ !

    oops! Thanks for the reminder. I've a parcel sitting waiting for £30 VAT to be paid. Am i the only person who orders so many bits and bobs when the postman comes its like christmas. New flashlight came today that id forgot about lol.
  11. BB subscription service

    Id also wade in with the "I would be interested because...." statement. For myself i agree time is a premium in peoples lives nowadays so shaving that is a good idea. But supplies? Im yet to turn up to a game day and find the field out of stock on BB's. Anything i realise i dont have or forgot to get is already there. Sure they may charge more than how i currently buy in bulk, but im paying for that last resort premium, which is what your offering on a service which isnt last resort so to say. Also i think its a bit of a minefield, because as someone else stated people prefer their bb brand. So your going to exclude some of the player base depending what bb's you get into bed with. Then on the other side of it, how are you going to recompense players who got to their game day and X bb simply wouldnt work well at all in gun Y. They now want their money back and compensation for your product not working... What i would be interested in is just the ammo dump. If i can sign up to receive my regular bulk order, of the BBs i want at an interval i need them, gas and 9mm blanks also. And cheaper than i currently pay. I'd go for that. Also plus points for a handy app where i can simply suspend a months order in a few taps, change bb weight, gas colour (nuprol green, red black etc) etc. Dont forget the box as a target. but having said all that I only bulk order 3-4 times a year my 2 pence on the idea.
  12. Lipo Charger & Shotgun Shells

    Make: Any Item: 2S/3S Lipo Charger & Shotgun Shells Desired Condition: Good Swaps/Part Exchange: No Budget: Any? Hi Guys, Got a little CYMA shotgun in the post this week so im after shells. Given they are £15ish for 6, id be looking to pick some up for around £1.25 each (50% new price). Let me know what you got! Also my LIPO charger has died so after one of those. Ill be picking up a charger from a shop on my travels this week, otherwise if someone has one i may be able to collect. Cheers Rich
  13. Gate Titan Basic

    Hi @BloomBoy when you upgrade to advanced, you are upgrading the gate Titan itself, not the PC Software. also in order to upgrade you have to give them the units serial number and the firmware is created for that specific unit and emailed to you. So as far as I am aware it isn’t transferable... cheers rich
  14. ICS L85 has low and inconsistent FPS

    Have you checked your hop? Try it with the hop wound right off and if it’s the same, have you had the hope assembly apart at all? Perhaps it’s gone back together wrong or something? i don’t know ICS L85 but that’s pretty much a first check for me when people have their guns dribbling bbs rather than shooting them!
  15. Krytac & 13:1 Gearset

    Hi Dave, I am running a short stroked M120 to encounter the PME. I have AB set to automatic at the moment (got to learn on that front what its doing and have a play). But right now its stopping dead on where it needs to. Thanks for the feedback, think im gonna stick it in the gun and have some fun :-) Thanks again Duck for your help. Yes i think your right that given the active braking and other circuitry its probably playing a part in the current reading being out. I really does sound and cycle beautifully now im well chuffed. The 11.1V i have coming is a 20/40C so i think its quite modest compared to what some people are using. Ill definately throttle the ROF in the mosfet if it starts giving problems. I think as i originally said (or maybe thought), my target is around 25RPS. So i know (now) that i could have done it easier (and cheaper!), the journey was a good one to go on at least! Cheers Rich