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    It’s with a heavy heart I’d like to sell my WE G18C. I just want to fund another project. was brought off here a year ago as hardly used and I had issues cause by ASG Gas which was just no good. resolved it using better gas (winter) and been running propane since. price is for all mags and the gun. But happy to split as follows; WE G18C + 1 WE Mag £60 WE Mag £15 TM Mag £15 Unknown brand Mag £15 (1 avail) WE Extended Mag £30 (1 avail) first mags to go come with speed plates, some I 3D printed and 2 came with mags I brought. all stored with gas and leak free. Feed and fire fine. if collected as a package I’ll give 2 bottles of Colman’s propane. Also selling the adaptor for £10 if wanted. any questions ask. cheers Rich *** No longer dibs on extended mag *** *** Listed updates to reflect sold/split mags ***


    , Suffolk

  2. Thanks for the brief (as always) rundown on springs my man. I had definitely brought a Rocket Airsoft spring, M120 black version to be precise. So strange it’s so much over then, but rather looking at it than looking for it. So I’ll soon get to work with my dremel!! I do plan to get a smaller spring which will have my gun set around 330fps for some of those CQB sites which limit around that. So I’ll probably cut this down to 350fps and buy an SP100, and cut that to get my 330fps where necessary. Thanks again 😊 rich
  3. Cheers @Sitting Duck I’ve had both the barrels in and out so many times. But I put the ZCI in, really forced it back as far as it’ll go took extra time to ensure its home and put it together and it’s “fine”? the question mark as it’s one extreme to the other! I’m chronoing 393! how much fps will the spring loose when it beds in? As I’ve heard that’s a thing. also I’ve not set the hop, haven’t got the range until this weekend. But in the past setting the hop has only dropped 10-15fps or so? cheers rich
  4. Hello my dudes. It seems a bit silly to come back to this so far on! But i just dont play that much and i had some other toys to play with! Anyway, an update to this, i have a concern. So in addition to all the internal changes, i also swapped out for a ZCI TBB from AK2M4. With a straight swap, so original hop up parts the gun would be all over the place regarding bb's hopping. So it seems the gun doesnt like the ZCI. Ive put them side by side and they dont look off. So anyway im not so conerned with that, i can put that barrel somewhere else at some point. The big issue i had, is on that day i just put the Krytac away and played with other guns. Changed the barrel at home and put it on my brother in laws chrono. Now seriously this things FPS (on the original barrel) is consistent! Its maximum +/- 1 FPS after 30+ shots. The only issue is its consistently low! I stripped it thinking i had stripped some teeth to something on the piston. Opened it up and inside it is beautiful, no wear or damage. Looks the same as when i assembled it. Ive only put about 1000 rounds through it messing about and testing. So my FPS is bang on around 250. But why is it so low? Is there a chance the M120 i was sent from AK2M4 is labelled up wrong? Or what can it be. As i said compression is perfect. Ive checked the parts now its out, and given the FPS is so consistent compression isnt an issue. It was an M120 i had, and SS it 3 teeth should have given me 350. The only other spring i have/ever had laying about is the stock Krytac one. Thats in my MP5 which chronos at 330fps. So i dont believe ive mixed the springs up somehow. Because even if it was stock spring which gave 350 with hop set correctly, taking 3 teeth should put me about 290 and its lower than that... Im going to rebuild the gearbox as i dont feel the problem lies there but should i be ordering a better spring and testing it, is there a chance mine came and was wrong? Cheers Rich
  5. After chasing them over and over, my order also got moved to packed. I am assuming that is a token "get him of our backs for a bit" move and fail to believe it is actually packed... wont be using them again, customer service as dreadful. Sure they are moving the warehouse or whatever but they are ignoring emails etc...
  6. Well more interestingly that that it’s priced above the price to order it direct. Configure the same thing, it’s less than that in euros delivered... Nov looks like he has a sale on at the mo. The guns are months away when ordered and there’s no telling how far his one is away. hes living in a dream world. He needs to get taking that red pill and join the rest of us...
  7. I haven't read the entire contents of this thread. But just wanted to put in my thoughts and ask something myself. Firstly on the recent comments regarding gun hits. I like the switch to secondary if gun is hit. But i do think the whole rule is too open to abuse and should not be used. Its a bit like the "solid ricochet counts as a hit". What defines a solid ricochet? As people said cheaters gonna cheat, and that ricochet will never be solid enough. So i hate ricochets counting to be honest. But my question(s) to pose are these. - 50/50's: If you come round a corner and both shoot, i pretty much always expect the 50/50 and hand goes up. What happens when people give the "i shot first" bullshit. IRL mate trigger pulls are gonna happen simultaneously and people gonna trade a kill. So i think 50/50's are always a thing and people should call it. Then there is the cheater who will get shot whilst his gun is down, raise it way after, and start calling a 50/50. That fucks me off so much. I got gopro footage the other week, im laying on the floor and kill 2 guys crossing a door way who clearly dont know where they are shot from, i continue to shoot and then get shot. They both hand up and walk off as do i, but i got those kills way early. - The second thing is, whats your stance if you get hit because you had to go out of your way to tell a cheater hes a fucking cheater. For example you shoot someone and thye dont know where they are shot from. you move up to an obviously exposed position to get them, which you do then get shot from somewhere else. That just fucks me off cos people dont take it the first time. Equally occasions where you have to complain to someone or they are mouthing off cos you called them out and that distraction gets you killed. Or your killed whilst telling a marshal, are you in or out? Rich
  8. Yeh, one video i saw said it fits with some filing/shaving down. So like you say its probably slightly oversize. As a further aside point. I 3D printed an SAS front kit to save a few bob for my AEP. And it didnt fit. When modelling it i was using a 3d drawing of a G17 from GrabCAD. The SAS kit fit perfectly on my WE GBB but the AEP had the barrels off (higher), so it must be a bit taller.
  9. Unless your being sarcastic, i would probably agree in some ways. £1200 RRP now £700 is probably a good deal in the right neck of the woods. For me im more in the £150 RRP now down to £50 kind of range... love this thread by the way, often my highlights when browsing are here, as everyone is saying what im thinking
  10. Hi @Remegel You may not have had many replies due to the quality of the post. For me i didn't know what your talking about even after seeing the product pic. I had to google it to remind myself what it is, not everyone is clued up on all airsoft items. A quick google search tells me the shells are £6-8 each shipped. which is massively steep for something which can easily be lost, or required a ghey condom attached to the side of the gun. So your price point i think is good. Provided the product works without flaws i dont see why you wouldnt sell at that price. An option for colours would be good, given some players like to colour co-ordinate their accessories, and would probably like matching shells. Also white is probably harder to find than say blue, or orange (experience from picking up the kids NERF bullets. But then to the point "would anyone be interested". There obviously is an audience for them, but im not sure its going to be a popular market for you to corner. The feeling i get from most media (youtube) information, and posts on here is that the gun is awesome regarding realism and cool points. But most people see it a gimmicky. So i dont think people are going to flock to buy the shells. Id just say stick em up on ebay or something when its free listing or only pay when you sell or whatever. List them on facebook pages and here and bump from time to time. Youll get a few sales here and there im sure. Hope this helps. Cheers Rich
  11. Hi @HyperRain me me and my brother in law are in Haverhill and play over that way often. I’ll give you a shout when and where we are next going could meet up. cheers rich
  12. Holla Ballers, I am looking at this carbine kit; http://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=232&products_id=9478 Mostly as the RONI kits are outstocked, and well this is cheaper quite frankly. Are they any good? At the moment ive got a WE G18C and a CM030 which it says it takes. Id also consider getting another G18C GBB if this kits worthy running a few games. I fancy dipping my toe into gas primary. Or am i better off just saving for a nice MP7 or something with regards to a gas primary? Oh and also i love the WE glock but does the APS take the same mags (marui)? I could get the complete kit is all. Cheers Rich
  13. Just my 2 pence to put in. I got a metal CYMA 357 shotgun the other week. Strapped in on my back in a scabbard, ran around with my M4 and also had my pistol as a sidearm. That lasted 5 mins before i couldnt see the point in it. I then ran the shotgun and pistol on the more CQB field and the M4 and pistol on the more open field. Itsn ot worth the hassle. Get a pistol, they go cheap enough on the forums from time to time. If you get a good deal you may even sell it for more if you do quit airsoft. It depends whats trending at the time of purchase/sale to get real good deals. Cheers Rich
  14. hi @klein Welcome to the forum. Me and my brother in law are in Haverhill so not far. Might see you over Tuddenham sometime! Cheers Rich
  15. Yo @Haytch Welcome into the forum. Im often late with newbie posts as i scan these once every other week or so just for people near etc. Me and my brother in law are in Haverhill. Havent been Tuddenham yet, maybe will see you there. Last few times weve been going to CQB at Battle Station Activies (more out Norwich way). But are looking at some woodsball sites for next few visits. Cheers Rich
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