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  1. shanerutter

    M600 Taclight

    I dont personally have a preference, I guess if you are using the light as a way of determine a basic direction of the weapon you need to know the side the light is installed on, other than that it lights up what I point it at on either side. Maybe if you have a laser & light combo it may matter more. Just make sure its not obstructing your view, flow (reloading...) or uncomftable.
  2. shanerutter

    Darlington options?

    I dont no the area but there is a couple sites near (Northants) me who operate Wednesday evenings games, I would recommend seeing if any sites operate midweek. Unfortunately most venues are a Saturday / Sunday thing. I presum there is going to be a number insurance / land restraints when using private land, but I personally would get bored shooting targets all of the time, and I would recommend going to venues before you start hosting your own private events, this way you get used of the laws, limitations, procedures and most importantly safety. When I worked at a popular super market I had the same issue regarding weekends.
  3. shanerutter

    New guy to airsoft (Yoykshire)

    Thats alot of weapony for a newbie! Your best bet it search on the forums as suggested, or google search. Should find somthing quite quickly, go and then speak to some people and they will recommend other sites near by they are aware off.
  4. shanerutter

    Help I can't blink

    Learn to aim with both eyes open, you get depth perception and awareness if you keep both eyes open. There is also plenty of sights you can get such as red dots where you use both eyes.
  5. shanerutter

    So you want to be a YouTuber....

    Good post, I have recently been looking into the Runcam and mobius platforms, and lences. I did notice in my videos with just headcam, it was boring without a scopecam as people just couldnt really see what I was shooting at.
  6. shanerutter

    Help Needed.... Stag Do

    Yep I will be there :). That operation Forecastle does look very good, I think that would be good for already established airsofters and certainly different.
  7. shanerutter

    new players in airsofting

    I find most new players to be ok, we where all there once. Do find some get confused other hit taking (normal not recognising the sound of a hit on there jacket) or just hiding behind cover. But they learn with guidance, there is always going to be those who will not listen and I am speaking about both new and existing, with existing players being the worst in my opinion.
  8. Normaly do nothing until 30 minutes before I need to go sleep for the game in the morning, then I spend those 30 minutes running around the house trying to find mags, ammo, clothing. If I feel real dangerous, I want until the morning. Have left the house a number times with slightly damp clothing as it hasnt dried.
  9. shanerutter

    Help Needed.... Stag Do

    Was going to mention the Jail as good for CQB, however looks likes its one of your regular sites (so somthing different may be in order to get that excitement going). I play mainly wednesday evenings, may have thrown alot of plastic at each other.
  10. shanerutter


    Took my brother the other week for his first skirmish, my parents phoned to tell me the next day he was stuck on the couch and couldnt move. Couldnt help buy laught, especially after he made a couple of fat jokes at me and my friend, somthing along the lines of "I guess it would be hard for people like you".
  11. Swapping contact details I think should be standard, obviously if he was a scammer he could just give you false details but nothing you can do about that. As long as you pay via paypal using the normal method and none of this familey and friends crap, you should be covered if he did scam you. However his cageyness would have put me off for sure and the fact he appears to be a business of some type, and refussing to provide on any details just adds to the speculation somthing may not be 100% right.
  12. I and a couple friends would be very interested in attending and I think the price is about right. Will keep an eye on this thread to see how it developes.
  13. shanerutter

    Wastelander Loadout

    I have thought about doing somthing like this for fun. I went to one game and there was a guy who had a post apocalypse outfit, if I remember correctly it was kind of like normal cloths which where wripped and dirty from years of suriving in the wasteland, and then makeshift armor which looked like random bits tied together by what ever method, looked quite cool. Even had some kind of wooden beam duck tapped to his leg as a knee / shin pad protection.
  14. shanerutter

    noob needs info

    If you post up your general location, I am sure people can recommend some sites. The sites range massivly in terms of physical energy and stress required, for example like above CQB at the jail can be more slower / sneaking, where as another site could be alot more running around. Regarding your injury, its all trial and error, give your first couple games a try (renting) and see how you do. Then go to an airsoft shop and try on the various rigs, belts, vests and see what you find comfy. Just make sure you have fun.
  15. shanerutter

    Plate Carrier vs Belt System

    I switch between a plate carrier, full vest and belt. When we get into the hotter months, I will probably switch to the belt for longer games to stop me turning into a overloading nuclear reactor, but I normaly use sholder straps to help stabalise the belt, find sometimes it can start to move, exspecially once its got all my mags and grenades on it, running and fast movements tend to cause it to drop slightly, which irritates me.