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  1. did you find a team in essex?

    1. SkunkySilver


      No joy at the moment mate 

    2. Robert James

      Robert James

      @Bigdog he is based near Hockley, he may be able to help

  2. Thanks, i didnt think there was a lot for the gun at the mo. I Was thinking of starting with a 9 ball purple bucking as i understand the gun has a vsr 10 compatible bucking and inner barrel.
  3. Hello guys and girls, Im quite new to how airsoft guns work (internals) and wondered the best way to upgrade the S1 Striker. IE. range of the bbs and more of a straight shot? Can anyone give me any ideas on where to start.
  4. I have a pair a standard issue mod boots i got new for £40, or i rock out my magnums which are so comfortable and take a beating and are a lot lighter but they range in a bit higher.. depends what your looking for out of a boot 😁
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