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  1. As drones are now used routinely in battle situations, might it be possible to introduce them into airsoft gaming? I thought of this recently when I went to a big wedding, where a drone was whizzing up and down outside the church, taking pictures from various angles. The most obvious use might be for reconnaissance in woodland settings, with the possibility of the opposing side being able to take pot shots at it. Who knows, in the future some Chinese or Japanese airsoft manufacturer might produce combat drones, capable of firing bbs, or dropping smoke bombs, or paper bombs on players. Critics might argue that it might take some of the fun out of airsofting (e.g. by identifying sniper positions), but on the other hand it might add an extra dimension to games. I don't know if they are already used in airsofting, but I have never seen one on the site I go to.
  2. Thanks trigger, much appreciated. Its £300 though, but as with everything else I suppose you have to pay for quality.
  3. Thanks for the info. The guy who spoke to me about the range was praising the merits of the scorpion, with a view to selling me one. What do you think of the scorpion?
  4. I thought so. The question has been bugging me all night. Either the guy who told me this was talking bs or maybe I misunderstood him. If the scorpion could reach 70 metres, it must be with a different spring in it. Sorry for the silly question. Ps, I have a Physics 'O' level, but that was years ago. I never really understood the subject anyway.
  5. informed airsofters might find this a silly question to ask. i was told that, for example, the scorpion evo has a potential range of 70 metres. However, another gun, with a similar fps of around 320 fps has a range of approximately 50 metres. I had assumed that the higher the fps, the longer the range. Why is this not so?
  6. I have toyed with the idea of getting a sniper rifle. I would definitely like to have a go at sniping at some point. What I have noticed though is that snipers by no means always observe the rules on range. At the last event I went to, I got thwacked really hard in the neck by a sniper round. I discovered that the sniper was much closer to me that he was supposed to have been. I suspect that incidents where players have had their teeth broken or have had hits which mark their skin are often due to short range sniper rounds.
  7. You do minuets at your site? It sounds like great fun. Seriously, I always go on my own and sometimes feel a little isolated when every one else is chatting away in groups before the game. However, I have had players come up to me for a chat to make me feel welcome and once the game starts being on your own doesn't seem to make much difference, as airsoft is a team sport.
  8. I think these are £300, so rather expensive for a rental gun.
  9. I ask this because I assume that rental guns are chosen for their reliability and ease of use. I have two old guns which are not particularly reliable, so I was thinking of getting a dependable, easy to use gun as a backup.
  10. His name is 'Razor' Ruddock. He played for several Premier League clubs and had a reputation as a hard man. After he left football, I think he turned to drink and went bankrupt. If think it was his wife who was mouthing off over an unpaid bill involving dogs. When he turned up, if I remember rightly the issue was soon settled.
  11. I know there is one on today (Midlands Airsoft Fair in Oakham, Leicestershire). I was playing today, so couldn't have gone anyway. I was wondering if there are other Airsoft fairs in the UK. I love Antiques Fairs and I am sure would like to visit an airsoft fair in the future. I think my car would probably come back loaded up with new gear.
  12. The most contemptible debtor I saw on the programme was a woman who had spent her rent money on designer clothes and other branded goods rather than paying the rent (she owed many thousands). I also hate to see the state some of the rented houses are left in. I couldn't do this job either.
  13. I find it really interesting too. The debtors seem to fall into about four categories, i.e. the liars who claim they have nothing to do with the debt and in any case have no money to pay; the ones who negotiate an installment plan and then disappear; the ones who admit the debt but have little money and so have to rely on friends and family to help them out; and those at rock bottom who have no money and no friends or family to help them (in these cases, the debt is usually written off). Being a bailiff must make you very cynical about human nature.
  14. I watched this programme earlier this week and in one part of the programme the bailiffs (or High Court officers) were looking for women's dresses in lieu of payment from a debtor who had disappeared. Suddenly, one of bailiffs shouted 'guns! Call the police' When the police arrived, they inspected four guns and all turned out to be bb guns. I must say, the guns did look realistic though, so I was not surprised by the bailiff's reaction. When the police arrived, they soon declared them to be bb guns and legal to own and swiftly departed. They didn't seem bothered to check for UKARA membership and so I suspect that if you have black guns in your possession in your house, it is legal, regardless of whether you are a UKARA member or not.
  15. I have noticed that since I have been reading the forum, several posters have offered second hand guns for sale which are not much, if any, cheaper, than you could buy new. Perhaps they like to drive a hard bargain, or perhaps they have unrealistic expectations of what their item is worth. i also notice that some posters are good at pointing this out. Oh well, caveat emptor.
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