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  1. There is no 144a gas in Croatia,and shipping to my country is really expensive. That's why i only have access to computer compressed air-duster. Also,many if not all IT stores here have dusters without HFC. Green gas is also not an option because i want to prolong gun's life as much as i can.
  2. Hello guys, I need help with decision about PSI for my Tokyo Marui M9 GBB. I'm buying new can of duster spray,but I'm not sure which PSI/Bar should i chose,because like you know,Tokyo Marui is made of plastic,so I'm worried that i will break it if i chose stronger. Until now i used duster,and i couldn't get slide to lock (i tried green gas and it works normal)and i think it's because it's too weak,but i can't be 100% sure because i couldn't find PSI on duster's can. Now I'm in dilemma should i use 5 Bar (72 PSI) or 6 Bar (87 PSI)? I'm always shoot indoors so temperature is 75-81 F. However summers are hot here in Croatia,so I'm worried that gun will break in hot days if i use 6 Bar. In summer temperatures are between 91-95 F. I want to prolong gun's life as much as i can,and i want to keep internals in best condition possible,so i won't use green gas so keep in mind of that. Every comment is welcome
  3. Oh man....they already shipped oil i ordered. What will happen if i put that Shock oil on my gun,will it damage it?
  4. Hello everybody, I ordered this RC Shock Oil from eBay,but I'm a bit worried i choose wrong one. I need it for my Tokyo Marui M9 which you probably know is made mostly out of plastic. Also can i use that oil for all parts on gun or only some? Here is link from oil that i ordered: http://www.ebay.com/itm/131996870062?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageNa me=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Please help
  5. I manage to fill mag with duster gas and it shoots fine,only problem is slide won't lock back after last BB. I fill it up for 7 seconds and it has plenty of gas. Only thing that crosses my mind is-it has lower pressure then other dusters,since on mine says ''HFC free'',but as far as i know,HFC is banned in EU... Help is still very needed.
  6. Just a little update. I did some shooting and it locks randomly again. I really don't know what else should i do...
  7. I currently don't have spare magazine,because my WE Tech M9 is on repair,so i won't be abe to try it for few weeks. I will do some shooting tomorrow to see will it work then,because it's night right now,and I can't shoot. I did manage to shoot almost full mag after we talked and it was fine,but just to be sure,I'll try it tomorrow.
  8. It looks normal to me,but since I'm not expert,I'm not sure,sorry Slide catch is enganged,it's not held itself.
  9. I'm not firing in air this time. Sometimes it locks after 6-10 BBs.
  10. Now i have another problem. I started using green gas,and when i loaded 16 BBs,and when i start shooting,it shoots 2-3 BBs then slide locks,and that process repeats over and over again. Also,when I'm filling the magazine,i noticed that the gas escapes from magazine. This occures when I'm using green gas and duster gas. Do you perhaps know what's causing this problems?
  11. I would really like to have TM for years and put more then 10 000 BBs with green gas,but i saw few pictures of exploded rear slide of TM that has used green gas. However i did tried using green gas with my TM few minutes ago,and it was great. I mean sound,kick,and cycling was so much better and more realistic. I would love to use it,but since i saw those pictures+my WE (i know it's not for comparison)I'm just so afraid. PS I don't live in UK,i live in Croatia,which have pretty high temperatures,but one guy here on forum told me he live in Florida,and he can use green gas with no problems...
  12. Hey man,thanks for answer. Yes,i do have newer M9 model with adjustable hop up,and i know it can take green gas,but Tokyo Marui itself said it can harm the gun. I have bad experience with WE M9 which exploded when i was shooting it,and reason was probably green gas on high temperatures.
  13. Hi all, I'm sorry for being boring,but i need help once again with my TM Samurai Edge M9. The problem is in slide which won't lock back after firing last BB. I'm also having problem with injecting gas (duster) into magazine,even with ''Airosft Innovations duster adapter'' which should work fine,but it doesn't. When i tried to inject gas,it just runs out from magazine and gas canister,and i can see adapter is slightly banned. Just for info,i did manage to lock slide when dry fired but only when i aiming all the way up. What can i do with these problems? Please help
  14. Hey guys, i need advice with gun cleaning. I looked many videos on youtube,but they are all different. Could somebody please link me a good video how to properly maintain and clean GBB pistol (TM M9)? Thanks
  15. Hey guys,thanks for info. I forgot to mention that this is newer model and it has adjustable hop-up. I'm not planning to go in skirimish with it,I will use it for shooting in my apartment from distance about 5 meters.
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