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  1. I can't seem to find a decent supply of Ares spare parts anywhere... I understand they've decided to do their own thing and make them not fit in other AEG's etc and it's really messing with me now xD My magazine catch has fallen to bits during a game and is now lost, so seeing as I couldn't find an Ares replacement I had to try order another... Which didn't fit. So now I've got to use a bloody rental tomorrow Does anyone know of Ares part suppliers? Or a part that will fit? My AEG is an Ares Amoeba AM-009. Cheers, Connor
  2. Hoping you chaps and chapesses can learn me a thing innit - I've got this itch to buy a BFG and it won't go. Currently torn between TRMR and Oshiboom with the price difference being roughly £30. Any opinions/reviews on these models? I'll put the question to you all... Is it worth buying a BFG? Or should you stick to the one use paper badboys. Yours aye, Connor
  3. Hello, I've bought 3 mags for my G18c and had 2 of them break with the same issue - the little feeder that youpull down before inserting the bbs has snapped in two so that one part stays at the very top of the mag and blocks the bbs from feeding. Has anyone else had this issue? Any ideas on how to repair it? Don't fancy paying another £15 odds per mag! Many thanks, Connor
  4. Hello everyone, Been skirmishing for a wee while now and I'm tempted to try an upcoming Milsim. Thought I'd run it past the forum to see if anyone as any sort of suggestions as to kit etc? I've read up on the rules and what's allowed at the event, it's more just for any extra kit or tips/recommendations that you ladies and gents may have! As I understand it's a full day event with no breaks in play. Cheers, Connor
  5. Hello everyone, Reasonably new to airsoft and wanted to get the opinion of the old and experienced players on kit. Any recommendations as to what equipment you would class as really useful and not so useful? Also is there any brands people would recommend or not advise buying? Cheers, Connor
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