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  1. Thanks Sokar. I'll have a look at HPAUK. I suspect I'll end up ordering direct from wolverine for security. Just have to wait till the end of the month now to get my money back..... grrrr..........
  2. Good point thanks Proff. Just done it. Lets hope no one else will Bee Stung.... (sorry couldn't resist it)
  3. Sorry don't want to necro post but having read this thread my current situation is an echo of the above experiences. I ordered last week and paid next day delivery. Not heard/seen a thing except for order confirmation Since then I have: -tried two of their email address (one of which is no longer active) -Emailed both of Dannys profiles on FB as the beesting fb page appears to have been closed. Such a shame there are so few reputable hpa sellers in the UK (the grange screwed me last time hence my purchase from BS) Anyone know how I can get hold of them before I click the paypal dispute button?
  4. When I had an issue I emailed polarstar and they were super helpful so I'd highly recommend dropping them a quick message. (Also could it be a damaged seal? Some can have teeny weeny nicks in which are pretty hard to spot unless you flex the seal)
  5. Great stuff thanks I know what's getting ordered this pay day! Keep up the good videos!
  6. Lol! Heavens no to the co2. But I see your point on the lack of air for consecutive shots.... Looks like I'm stuck with the hose So does that mean I'd get a moscart to work with air or would it be pants as well?
  7. Apologies for the slight subject deviation: I love my GBB pistol with an HPA tap this time of year! (It will also do sweet mag dumps unlike the colder co2) However mag changes require a little extra faff which is fine but its made me wonder: Has anyone tried charging their pistol mags with HPA using the CO2 Grenade chargers like the AG1 thunder grenade charger?
  8. EVL

    WE G18 Venting gas

    Excellent thanks! Would a TM do the same?
  9. EVL

    WE G18 Venting gas

    Hi all Hope your ready for a good weekend of gaming I use my WE G18 a lot in skirmishes due to MED's and DMR's. I find that my G18 vents gas out the rear of the slide onto my hand when i fire it. I do wear gloves so its not a problem with occasional shots but if i use the auto or start shooting rapidly its not long before i get a cold burn on my hand. Is this normal with this gun or do you think its defective?
  10. Starting to get guilty dumping loads of plastic in the lovely woods. So thinking of getting some bulk bio bbs: Rocket Bio BB's... Worth buying? (Other options appreciated)
  11. Sorry for the delay in replying i have been in the garage churning through gas and BB's. Lubrication is no problem as i take it apart so often. I'm a serious fettler. As for research your absolutely right. Roll on the end of the month im sensing a co2 mag and copious amouts of co2 bulbs and BB's I must admit im enjoying this little pistol its making my 1997 tm m4 look a bit inadequate. Am i right in assuming gas rifles are even more gas thirsty?
  12. Now there is a great idea and it'll give me an extra mag for skirmishing. Problem solved thanks everyone
  13. hmm with all these bits it sounds like i should be buying a rifle as well to justify it lol Maybe i could buy the compressor and use it to knock the Mrs' radar off just enough to sneak in a new gun
  14. Thanks for the speedy response guys. I think its the "cqb russian valves" that make me want to do it still! What do i need? Bottle, reg, lines and the Russian valves? Excuse all my questions i've just got back into it after a near 20 year gap
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