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  1. Musica, I have been running Vertex and Brut in my TM glocks for years without issue. 300-310FPS in my G34. I have an unopened can of Nuprol 4.0 should you wish to try that. It kicked like mad in Vz61 and was great fun, but was around 350FPS. I tried Nuprol 3.0 years ago and my TM's didn't like it. Low FPS and poor performance overall, so I never went back to it. I'll hopefully be back to the Depot mid November.
  2. I don't think others share your worrying passion for all things beige (sorry tan, coyote, flat dark earth) anyway. Must be an age thing.
  3. So it turns out LW still have 2 Umarex MP7's left in stock for sale by phone or in store only, according to their Facebook post by earlier. Not on their website. Don't ask me why, but act quickly if you want one. No spare mags yet though.
  4. Land Warrior asked for a few dozen...... and got sent only 6! Scott said he was sat in a meeting with Umarex/VFC some time ago and told them that this would be there biggest seller for years and apparently they looked quite surprised by that and made no plans to increase production. They've produced hardly any and there are no spare mags either. Apparently LW got sent an additional 6 because the French retailer was on its last warning from Umarex for selling it's stock to other shops unauthorised outside of France or something like that, so to punish them the French allocation got diverted to LW instead. Scott reckons he could have sold 100+ within days, but instead has no idea when he'll receive any more, let alone spare mags or in any sufficient numbers. Madness really. Oh and from an owner, it apparently has the range of any other full power AEG for use outdoors, so all good. I don't think potential buyers need to worry about spunking their cash any time soon, as they're simply not available to buy by the looks of it.
  5. I've shot one at Landwarrior 2 weeks ago. Construction felt solid. It looked good, had a nice range of stock extension, shot accurately, with quick trigger response and had a high ROF on an 11.1v lipo. 330FPS. Expensive but I'd definitely have one...... Once Umarex get around to producing more than a meagre handful of guns and release some spare mags, which are dark see-through plastic and feel a bit too light and toyish. Auto cut off when empty is a nice addition. I was very impressed by it overall. It felt better than a TM GBB to hold.
  6. Every RIF I said I'd never sell, I sold eventually, even the ones I loved , like my TM MK23, Hexagon PPSH-41, TM Breacher, KWA Vz61 (due to fear of eventual expensive failures... Because all airsoft guns break eventually). At the moment, I can't see me selling my Scorpion Evo or TM G17 Custom (even though I now use a G34). As for kit, my most valuable item is my ancient Black Bear Airsoft mesh mask. It allows me to play much more aggressively, feeling safe about getting shot in the face. That and my Blackhawk G20 Serpa holster. Love it for quick draws. My KWA speedloader is fairly essential too. So much more robust than the TM version.
  7. I honestly can't recall what gears were put in mine, but probably steel Ultimates. I'd personally advise that you get it upgraded and stick with it. It'll be the only AEG you'll ever need and it's certainly the only one I've had for years now. Excellent indoors and out.
  8. As advised in the Evo Owner's Group, contact JD today. They'll replace it or repair it under warranty. Just make sure that you were using the recommended power of battery, or it could invalidate your warranty. Almost every Evo suffers from weak gears, but once upgraded, they're fantastic and reliable. My gen.1 first batch Evo shat its gearbox a few months into ownership. I had it repaired by Landwarrior, but paid to have it upgraded at the same time and I've had no issues with it since and that was years ago. Best AEG I've ever owned in 10 years, Marui's included.
  9. If you like your videos to be fictional. John can only film one side of the fight at a time, so he inputs random and sometimes older footage from separate game days, where necessary, then edits it all to look how it does. He's a good guy and he got me into Airsoft 10 years ago, by seeing his videos, but I prefer first person perspectives. On a separate note, my current favourite Airsoft channels are Ash32 (although he stopped making them 3 years ago) and you can't beat Swampsniper for story telling and quality gameplay. I've been very lazy of late. Can't be arsed editing videos and haven't played for 2.5 months.... The two might be related.
  10. Quick change spring, takes 30 secs to sort that, so a valid suggestion. UK versions are site legal to begin with. Nice and lightweight gun and mags. Plenty of range out of the box.
  11. After 10 years of playing I'd like to see: 1. Better quality RIF's. Stronger, higher quality materials used, i.e. nylon-fibre instead of cheap plastic (e.g. Tokyo Marui) and stronger metals for gearbox parts, (e.g. Scorpion Evo) all better designed to perform well. Airsoft manufacturers are capable of doing so much better with their quality control, but breakages are just accepted as part of the hobby. I know of no other sector where customers are okay with their expensive purchases breaking regularly. It just seems to be expected, which annoys me, considering the costs involved. 2. Better customer service support and spare parts availability from manufacturers/retailers. If shops can buy whole RIF's by the bucket load from Chinese manufacturers, why can't they also source sufficient spare parts from those same factories? 3. AIPSC to flourish, to add another dimension to airsoft shooting, so it's not just Sunday skirmishing. Improving people's abilities to shoot can't be a bad thing. 4. Better quality sites, rather than a patch of dense woodland with some pallets and an old shed. The abandoned sites that the French have to play with look tremendous. 5. As already stated many times, better teamwork and discipline. A well-organised close-knit group of 5-10 players can drastically influence the dynamics of play against superior numbers. The amount of players who do not know how to fire and move (I've had no training either) is phenomenal. They stop too far back from the action, are focused in only one direction, lobbing shot after shot with no hope of reaching anyone and forget to look behind them, or leave a back stop to protect their rear, or even communicate with each other. E.g. thinking someone is guarding the stairwell behind you, when they've got bored after 2 minutes of no action and decided to leave it wide open. 6. The return of being able to easily sell and buy RIF's, i.e. before Facebook shut it all down and posting them was easier. Before I buy a RIF now, I think, "How am I going to sell this on, if I don't like it?" 7. Shooting ranges in gun shops, so that you can actually get hands-on and shoot the product to see how it performs, before spending hundreds and finding out that it's not actually worth the money. 8. I suppose what we all wish for is improved range and accuracy. I'm not sure exactly how that could be noticeably achieved, but perhaps my first point could help with better performing internals, along with increasing FPS limits up to US standards for outdoor play. (Let's not start the whole "FPS doesn't equal range thing again please"). 9. I've only played CQB now for the last few years, as I got bored of woodland play, with everybody firing hi-cap after hi-cap at each other from 50-60 metres away. I'd like something to get me back into, so I'd like to see a better squad setup, i.e. designated support gunner with higher FPS, (say 400), marksman (higher FPS 400-500), medic, grenadier etc. While I think it would be a bit more difficult to start off, if everybody got behind the idea, it might make for a more enjoyable, immersive experience overall. The sites would have to limit the number of each category to avoid everybody turning up with M249's though. This is more prevalent in the US, as per JetDesertFox's Milsim West videos, but I can see the merit of it. When a lot of players got a WWII loadout at my local WWII themed site, it made everything much more fun, but over time, the player base changed, as it always does and less people made the effort to look the part, which in turn changed the dynamic of the site and reduced the enjoyment/immersion for me. I'm not meaning full-on milsim, but something a bit more organised, i.e. right tool for the job, rather than everyone running around blasting hi-caps at anything that moves. (Yes I have tried a Stirling milsim event).
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