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  1. Thanks mate! I've just ordered one too and a spares kit. I'm still on the hunt for another TRMR E1.
  2. I ran one for a year or so. I installed a 6.01 PDI barrel and ran it on green gas. Approx 330FPS, with a lovely hard kick, extra weight and loud bang compared to my other pistols......but it was difficult to get a decent holster (back then anyway), the mags were a strange shape for most standard pistol mag pouches. It's also rather large and unwieldy, even for me with large hands. Why I got rid of it was my MK23 SOCOM had the same power, but better range and better accuracy for outdoor play. I was having frustrations double-tapping indoors due to the increased kick and kind of trigger pull. Outdoors, I found the kick was throwing my ranged follow-up shots off target, whereas I was able to make the small adjustments needed a lot easier with my P226 E2 and G17 and double-tapping was far quicker, easier and more accurate. Basically, it looks good and can be fun, but the novelty of the kick and large intimidating aesthetics soon wear off and you'll probably want a 9mm replica soon enough, as they're just easier to live with. My advice is try before you buy and if you can play a game with one, before diving in an purchasing, as they're not for everybody.
  3. Seems to shoot very accurately. Good trigger response and sounds good too. Not too expensive either.
  4. I'm certainly interested. I would like to get hands on with one to see how it feels and most importantly shoots.
  5. I have to disagree. CA is not at all popular with retailers in the UK, unlike G&G, hence the lack of X9's and the abundance of ARP's. Why that is, I can only speculate. Poor quality in the past may or may not be the reason, but regardless, CA RIFs are rare in the UK these days. I'm interested in the owner's opinion of how both compare.
  6. I also recently purchased a fashionable 'Bigfoot' HSP D3CRM micro rig clone and sent it straight back to the retailer, as it was sub-quality (plus I didn't like the fit much). The material felt stiff and cheap and the stitching was squint and sub-par. I'd never want to pay the full asking price for a genuine HSP product, as I can't justify the expense, but sometimes original is best. I'm a fan of Ferro Concepts, as expensive as they are and will likely continue purchase some of their gear in the future. The new single-point slingster is on the horizon. To go back to owning many pews................ Scorpion Evo, G34 & G17 is all I have. One of the things that has worried me for many years now, is the fact that in the UK, anything gun-shaped is always at risk of being banned at (fairly) short notice. Living in Scotland, where air weapons are now licensed too, I'm at greater risk of this happening.....especially if independence ever happens (let's not discuss this particular topic), so I hate the idea that suddenly, I'll be losing out on thousands of pounds worth of gear that I will struggle to sell on, or even worse won't be allowed to legally..........It could happen. To back this fear, look how difficult it currently is to sell RIF's, compared to say 5 years ago, when there was a big 2nd hand market on very active forums (now diminished) and Facebook hadn't yet banned everything gun-related. Not to mention most shipping companies not wanting to touch anything RIF related these days. Again, I hate the idea that if I want to buy a new RIF, it'll be difficult to move it on when I get bored of it or need cash from selling it...........so I just don't buy new RIF's now, unless I can get hands on with them and am 100% confident that I'll like, use and keep them. It's not worth the risk/investment in my eyes. Maybe I'm just being overly cautious, but not having a massive horde of RIF's seems like common sense for my situation at least. I used to take 4 primary guns with me to CQB, usually all different (AEG, GBBR, GBB shotgun, MK23) and went to the trouble of carrying (juggling) all to chrono and back, loading, gassing each etc and tried to alternate them, but generally always came back to the same one or two which performed the best. The rest were just extra weight and money sitting about doing nothing, that I could better put into something else. Hence my current armoury situation. My 2 pence.
  7. Absolutely gutted to hear this. I was considering purchasing another TRMR (to give me 3). Queue panic buying and over inflated 2nd hand prices.........and sticky fingered thieves. I might have to tie string to my TRMR's when throwing them from now on. No more wandering off to continue my killing spree and going looking for them later. Genuinely though, as a CQB player, I think this is a devastating and game-changing loss for airsoft. TRMR's are fantastic pieces of kit and I would say essential where I play indoors.
  8. I always hated the 'captured' rule at my local WWII site, back in the day. It always looked just plain wrong to me seeing Germans playing with Thompsons and 1911's, because they always performed better than MP40's and Lugers...............At least I did hate it, until I bought a PPSH-41 to go with my German kit (Eastern Front look)............which was all correct, apart from the wood-stocked TM M14 I told everyone looked like a Gewehr 43 if they squinted their eyes and just believed....................did I mention I had double-standards? Lol I remember another local site running a Vietnam themed milsim years ago. The kit was great looking................except the vast majority were in Air Cav grunt uniforms, with hardly any VC/NVA, because nobody wanted to wear black PJ's and a big hat, as it didn't look as cool. A bit too one-sided unfortunately. I've heard first hand experiences of some big milsims in recent years being too one-sided as well. Majority want to be US/UK SF with NVG's during the night, with very few wanting to be Taliban etc and at a major disadvantage after dark and in low numbers.
  9. As much as I rarely play now (once every 2.5 months due to work schedule and family life) and contemplated giving up the hobby entirely after 11 years, earlier this year, I always find myself browsing guns and getting that "want" feeling........Then I remember I'm skint, can't afford anything and will very likely just think everything else is sub-par compared to my upgraded Scorpion Evo A1, so any new guns would not get much use anyway. That, plus I despise hoarding/collecting. I hate clutter and untidiness. If something isn't being used, it's gone.......regardless of what it may be. My CD, DVD and computer games collections went some time ago. Unworn clothes are gone. Music T-shirts from gigs have been sold recently. We're forever selling and binning items in the house, to keep it uncluttered. Very few mementos are kept. I only have my Evo, a TM G17 and a TM G34. That's it. I only ever play CQB now (outside is too cold, wet, muddy, simply not as much fun as CQB). I promised myself I'd never sell my TM Breacher, TM AKS74U RS, KSC Vz61 GBB, PPSH-41, TM Desert Eagle and TM MK23 Socom......but they all went in time, after some fond memories. However, I am a lover of pistols and always fancied building a little collection....then think what a waste of money..........and unnecessary clutter. Lately I find myself hungering for 80's action movie guns, like a Beretta M92, MP5, M16VN, Uzi etc, with ideas of new movie inspired loadouts to go with them..........but then the reality check that money is in short very supply and movie loadouts are impractical for the sole CQB site I play at, where sufficient protection is necessary to avoid injury and I always put practicality before aesthetics. So in the end, I'll just stick to my existing single loadout of whatever works best, my Evo and my G34. It is fun to fantasize though.........
  10. Almost a necro post, but I'm interested in which one you feel performs better and why,? I was interested in adding either a CA Nemisis X9 or G&G ARP9 to my inventory, but have only ever found the ARP9 to try hands on at my local site. Nobody has the CA that I know of.
  11. TM CQBR Block1 GBBR (£485 plus postage). or Umarex MP7A1 AEG and spare mags (£420 + mags)
  12. Musica, I have been running Vertex and Brut in my TM glocks for years without issue. 300-310FPS in my G34. I have an unopened can of Nuprol 4.0 should you wish to try that. It kicked like mad in Vz61 and was great fun, but was around 350FPS. I tried Nuprol 3.0 years ago and my TM's didn't like it. Low FPS and poor performance overall, so I never went back to it. I'll hopefully be back to the Depot mid November.
  13. I don't think others share your worrying passion for all things beige (sorry tan, coyote, flat dark earth) anyway. Must be an age thing.
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