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  1. i believe you can arrange to pick up order from the warehouse if you're local, it's at the other end of the estate to where the shop was, that is of course if you can get hold of them in the first place.
  2. have you tried unscrewing the whole thing, i doubt very much it is a threaded flash-hider though but it's worth a shot? Seriously though it's not worth the effort to fix it, unless it's your big brothers, you broke it and need to fix it before he finds out.....
  3. AndyGif290368

    MP40 problem

    I'd say contact UKAPU rather than UKARA, as forner is for the players and later is for retailers to cover their own butts. I don't recall UKARA being that vocal in the last set of changes being imposed. https://www.ukapu.org.uk
  4. what were you doing to get stopped and searched in this scenario? if the RIF is correctly stowed in an appropriate container, then why would there be a problem with you carrying it? Guesing your not carrying it loosely wrapped in a bin bag or tesco's carriers? Making a sudden/rapid grab for anything would probably see you chewing pavement in short order.
  5. Have you tried turning it in the other direction in case they done away with the pin and put a ccw thread instead. Other than that it looks like a lot of the vids push the pin up from inside the muzzle brake.
  6. AndyGif290368


    Self check has been bust for months, and there is no plan to fix it any time soon. Just ask a retailer if your still have an active entry.
  8. Don't think of it in terms of fps, it's the energy of the bb at the muzzle that the important thing. A bolt action/single shot is allowed nearly twice as much muzzle energy compaed to an AEG, 2.5j versus 1.3j. Snipers use the heavier bb's, so the wind is less of a problem. Having a long range gun still does not make you a sniper, there's all the fieldcraft to master as well.
  9. Sounds like a bit of dodgy site that just lets you play with what you've brought without chrono'ing at the start of the day's play. if it is firing at 3 joules you are now the owner of prohibited firearm. Take it to a gun tech and get it downgraded before the Police come and take it off you and charge you with an offence. As for manufacturers selling hot guns, I expect it was an import into the UK rather than UK stock as no airsoft retailer in their right mind would sell you an airsoft gun that would be classed as a firearm under the current law. It's down to you the user to check that it's legal, ignorance of its strength will be no defence.
  10. you half sort of want them to brought up in court to test just what is a "valid defence". I don't believe any of the defences have been tried in court yet?
  11. It's a rerun of the handgun ban from decades past. The law abiding will abide by the law and suffer the consequences of not being able to easily do what they did before, the law breakers will still break the law. The government must be seen to be doing something to addresss a percieved problem, even if it appears to many to serve absolutely no real purpose. Will someone not think off the children.....
  12. none, but if you are under 18 you won't be allowed to buy a knife in ASDA, Tesco or any other kitchen ware shop. they want the pickup rule for age checking. it's like having a UKARA/Defence for buying a RIF, still doesn't prevent all fake gun crime or dickheads being dickheads with toy guns, but it will stop/deter a few.
  13. When did the ukara site, change to this current version with the yellow "it's bolloxed" disclaimer at the bottom?
  14. Still £10 more than they deserve for "Handling" the delivery.
  15. I see over on zero in forum, there are a couple of pictures of the ruins. Not much of anything left.
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