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  1. I'd recommend the S&T Tar 21 Pro, mate had the EBB and it was the only gun he had that didn't ever fail him.
  2. Only ordered from them once, it arrived quickly enough but instead of the extended M9 mag that I'd requested they sent a Glock mag. The AEG I ordered was fine though.
  3. As a support gunner set up in a good position, other people stacking up right next to each other in a tight space. Seriously, all you're doing is just making it easier for the other team to big you off in bigger groups. You don't have to be alone but try and split off in pairs so you're not easy pickings. I've seen the same issue when laying down fire on a spot, I've got them covered, the best opportunity to push forward would be now but nope, I'm having to push up by myself hoping hipfire will keep some heads down. It's pretty fun though, so I can't complain too much. On that note, I was sat at the back corner of a foxhole (was currently between support weapons at that point so was using my reliable E&L AK) with a good view of either side, we were doing really well in holding the base when I noticed some guy at the far right getting too close for comfort, but I couldn't do anything as I'd only seen him through a thin gap in the wall. Anyway, mentioned it to the defenders on the right and go back to keeping on my post. Five minutes later, I feel a tap on my shoulder. "Knife kill." What did I say, folks?
  4. Hey folks, Everett here - I've been around a few forums but haven't noticed this one till now, seems like quite an active place. Been in the sport since late '14 and never been able to kick it since, hope to be spending more time here as time passes.
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