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  1. 1 hard-shell case holding my gun, scope(s) tracer unit, mags, batteries and sling. And 1 shoft case for BB's, additional pouches, radio and tools.
  2. Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to seeing more of you in the coming days/weeks
  3. Thanks for pointing out that ROI is interdependent to the UK for a it appears I have been confused for the past 28 years What I mean is if someone in the UK buys a RIF in Ireland does it need to be sprayed before coming in to the UK or can you get it and then you mush get it sprayed.
  4. Hey Alex, Welcome! Where are you from? Im in Ireland and have the same scenario as yourself l. I've traveled to the UK, Sweden & Czech Republic with my gear. So I've been through the hoops. Are you bringing it temporarily to play or are you moving to the UK? When travelling here are my steps. 1) Register with your national airsoft body (Irish airsoft association in my case) 2) Your gear must be kept in a hard shell lockable case for travel (when flying but overall its good practice). 3) Notify the site you're going to play at and request an invite to play (headded paper and contact details if possible) 4) Notify your airline and ask for the process(from this point on your wording and refferences need to be exact. Your gun is now "Shooting sports equipment" and your BB's are "small plastic pellets" (ammunition if they ask you is live ammo for real guns and not your BB's) 5) When you go to checkin quietly tell the person at the desk you would like to check in a firearm. (do not for the love of God walk up to the counter and blurt out "I've got a gun") At this point you will usually be collected by someone and brought for a private check-in. 6) remember if you have a RIF expect that some people will be supprised at how realistic it is and have concerns (remember the gun is under 1 joule amd not classed as a firearm) be calm dont get adjitated people dont want to be the person who let in the next terrorist so it can get tedious. 7) while at the airport working with the authorities when your case is open always ask permission to touch the gun or the cases contents. 8) carry extra locks on your carry on. Ive had customs cut my locks off twice to check it and you'll need them for te way back. 9) if your traveling by boat. You must keep the case and contents locked in your car or give it to security to hold during the voltage. Enjoy your trip! And remember these days security is on alert and people are scared so just be vigilant and don't do anything stupid that can get you into trouble.
  5. I'm going to chime in here with a question for you guys (I don't want to respond to the other thread) But the two tone discussion is interesting to me as in Ireland we have no limitations like this. First off OP based on your second thread.... Please don't buy a 2 tone Krytac that just sounds so wrong. For the rest of you my question is around the import or equipment. I've bought quite a bit of gear from the UK and we have a 1 joule limit. So I downgrade as it arrives of required . Where do you guys stand on buying a RIF in say southern Ireland is it buyers responsibility to then have it sprayed? If you are over 18 are you okay to have RIF or do you need to be registered still. Finally is it policed with someone checking if you're a member when playing or is it just at point of sale?
  6. Took the LVOA out for a spin last night. With a 7.4v and the m100(at least thats what I think is in there) it felt a little underpowered so I cant wait to chrono it this evening. Anyway on to the important bit.... Tried an 11.1v and after 3 shots on semi she locked up, I managed to get it free by switching to auto thankfully. Went back to semi and tried a few more shots but within 10-15 rounds she has started to double fire so I decided to drop back in the 7.4v right away. I am secretly hoping the chrono results from tonight are poor and ill try a heavier spring and the 11.1 yay!
  7. Tehe.... I always thought I was almost in the matrix this explains alot.
  8. Personally I think guarder GX1000 are the best in this respect.
  9. I sent most of the Krytac approved retailers in the UK an email last week when I was looking for something and I also emailed Shield (the distributor for the UK) Neither group seem to know exactly what is going to come in just yet but they have hinted at late Aug - September before new stock arrives.
  10. Ahh thats not so bad. Also these guys have the mag. http://wolfarmaments.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=63_66&product_id=397
  11. I was shocked when I found aj Irish store with a full range of Krytac's including the LVOA they are calles "airsofteire" but may be a little more expensive thank you'd like but its an option. Does the evo high cap only hold 49 rds or is that just rhe gbb variants?(I've not looked into it too much) About 2 weeks ago I was asking this very question. My reason for picking the Krytac (was the LVOA not VRB) was that I wanted to keep this new one long term and was going to modify it down the line. After owning a F2000 I realised that although I didn't like the AR15 platform personally if I wanted to go the extra mile with performance id need a more common platform.
  12. Thanks for all the feedback guys. Gonna take this out for a spin on Wednesday evening try the 11.1 and 7.4 in the order advised and see how I go. If there is trouble at least I know something has to be done. if not ill hold on until service time.
  13. Any suggestions of tell tale signs of pending danger when im out placing? I picked up a new 7.4 today so ill give it a go with both and see how I get on. What about fitting DSG's, reducing stroke and increasing spring strength? Or am I asking for trouble
  14. Okay, So trying to touch on everyone's questions and comments. It's a Krytac LVOA. (Running a M100 spring) << What I believe is the culprit (When using an 11.1v, I causing overspin due to the match up) although it works fine with 7.4v The Krytac's have a fet but no active break so this will need to be swapped out for something else (I use an AB on my current main but I'm happy to spend some extra money to get a really tight setup linking to the trigger if there are options worth exploring. Krytac LVOA spec to note. Inner barrel Length 387.5mm 30k Torque motor. Spring M100 FPS - 320 ROF 15.8 on 7.4v 25c In relation to overspin I am seeing the piston moving to a position that is beginning to compress the spring again.
  15. Hey guys, I have a Krytac 30k High torque motor & standard gears from the Krytac trident gearbox Ideally I want to increase the ROF in the long run also.
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