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  1. Hey people, So I know you can get this in Tan but I much prefer Black however I cant find it anywhere, do they even make it in black? it would be silly to only release it in tan. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for the reply, So apart from that is there anything that would need upgrading out the box? as I said this will be my first rifle so would be nice to just get one that needs little work done to it right away. Thanks
  3. My concern with the 552 / 553 is I cant see a spot to mount a bipod? I would like to do a little 'camping' every now and then.
  4. Hello people, So I'm looking for my first rifle and ideally I want something I can use outdoors and inside, This gun looks nice and has a built in bipod and of course I could change scopes easy enough. (http://www.guay2.com/web/gt_product/sg550.php?lang=en) Anyone used one or have feedback? Thank you.
  5. So I've just seen this http://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/classic-army-sar---taktik-rifle-ii-airsoft-gun-aeg Would that be a good purchase? How easy would it be to buy spares and upgrades etc? Thank you.
  6. Nice review, did the gun get better accuracy after you had tweaked it some more? We need more airsoft reviews like this, I've searched for various gun reviews on youtube and most of the time if its not one of the popular models there are not many reviews and those are mostly bad ones. Keep it up
  7. Yeah I think thats my fall back option I did just get a reply from actionhobbies.co.uk who said they will be re stocking some Fals soon, fingers crossed!
  8. Thank you for the welcome and reply, So I dont really like the style of the CA58, too many rails on the front for me. I prefer this style (http://www.actionhobbies.co.uk/Cybergun-FN-FAL-Short-Custom-Blowback-Airsoft-Rifle_A1KIC6.aspx) But if they are all discontinued do we have any idea who will possibly release new Fals in the future? Or 'Fal style' with less rails Thanks again.
  9. Hello People, So I only got into airsoft recently and so far only have a pistol, I'm now looking to get my first rifle and had my eyes set on a FN Fal. After looking online I'm having trouble finding any that are in stock and can only find them by King Arms and a friend said they are not a great brand? Any info on Kings Arms? Any idea who else makes Fals? Thank you.
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