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  1. Maldutch

    Expand Classifieds

    More categories.......the classified section needs to be expanded. More sub sections. Ie. The way zero had it arranged would work great. Ie....rifle....gas, aeg , Springer.. Pistol..:: :: :: Shotgun, gas, aeg,, Springer Sniper.....gas...aeg...springer.....ect.....ect.......then a further expansion for gear pyro , parts, magazines, grenades, support weapons. That's what we all want to see. Organisation for organized folks. None of us want to troll unless it's a category we have chosen to troll through purposely. Thank you for your time.
  2. Maldutch

    My GHK M4 Rebuild

    Fucking awesome mate.....id love too see the same style , play by play blog that you recorded on any other airsoft guns that you may have... Very imformative. Especially for noobs like myself. So lets see some more.