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  1. Krytac is going to be the better of the two but it should be at the price. I have the G&G Predator and a Krytac CRB and the Krytac is the better of the two, although I do like the Predator's looks.
  2. Seen a guy from Ukapu today state no one knows what the law means to airsoft especially in regards to whether AEGs are to have "readily convertible" applied to them. Don't understand this. The law has been passed and just waiting to be rubber stamped so it must therefore be complete and documented yet still no one really knows what it means.
  3. Must have been another thread then, someone bought a two tone and it came painted in camo, think I thought this was that one. Even with the joke posts still ended up getting real posts giving out wrong information
  4. They would certainly be tales as that cant happen. The police may not understand the law if they pull you over and may take them from you until they sort it out, but there is no law that requires a defence. My daughter owns a RIF I gave to her for Christmas, she is 13 and has never been airsofting. That isnt against the law. Anyway, Im pretty sure the original post in this thread didnt say it was a real AK but a camo painted gun ?! Or was that a different thread
  5. Regarding advice above about the Fairy Power Spray (yeah I know the important bit), I did a bit of digging into that a month or two back to take paint off of a magpul stock. What I read then was that whilst it used to work the ingredients had changed and it no longer does. Didnt try it in the end myself though.
  6. You are in trouble, you do need a license for fruit salad sweets.
  7. Possession of Airsoft RIFS do not require a "license". You do not even need to be on the UKARA database. The laws related to buying/selling not ownership. If the police stop him and he isnt walking around with it in plain view he would have done no wrong at all. The only person at fault would be the person who sold it to him. Monty was joking, Im assuming you weren't, but apologies if you were.
  8. Retailers arent saving themselves any effort if this method was legal. This shop arent having to bother with either as long as the under 18 gets his parents to buy it for hm. To be fair in this particular case the shop owner knew him and did know he played so there is no suggestion he would be as open to selling to everyone. The reason the rest of the retailers go through the UKARA/proven defence and two tone process is because they have to, not because its better for them.
  9. All that matters is what the law deems to be acceptable. Selling to an under 18 regular airsofter via a parent sounds like a common sense thing to do, law doesnt always equal common sense though. If it is ok though I dont know why anyone uses a two tone at a skirmish, even U18s shouldnt need to.
  10. Indeed after the long debate on the over 18s thing the facts to me are: 1. It illegal to sell to Under 18's 2. Its illegal to sell to anyone over 18 unless they have a defence. So the shop have interpreted that having a son who plays airsoft is the parent's defence, and whether that would stand up in court is in my opinion doubtful although you can see why they would think it was acceptable.
  11. I contacted the guys at Ukara as whilst Ukara isnt the law they obviously have a good understanding of what it is. They confirmed that being over 18 is not a legal reason to buy a replica on its own, a defence is required. What constitutes 'The defence' is the part that is subject to guidelines, its not a guideline that someone should really have a defence, its a legal requirement.
  12. Ordered a RIF late Tuesday and arrived on Thursday so no problems here. Not had any cause to use their customer service yet though.
  13. And you arent explaining why a shop would need to protect themselves if its not the law. It is illegal to sell alcohol to Under 18s, so a store just has to prove they are asking for ID, if it were as you suggest thats all an airsoft retailer would need to do to protect themselves. "21. For airsoft skirmishing, the guidelines suggest that: • new players must play at least 3 times in a period of not less than 2 months the 2 months before being offered membership; • membership cards with a photograph and recognised format will be issued for production to retailers; • a central database
  14. I am not talking about Ukara, I know Ukara isnt law, I bought my own RIFS prior to getting on the database by proving I played Airsoft. I also know about Patrolbase's scheme, Ive posted it on here before too. What you are saying is very contradictory. You state above that the man who walks into the shop the store its "probably not" legal if he cant prove a defence. Either being over 18 is the only legal requirement or its not, and Im pretty sure a defence is required, even if not UKARA levels. I dont know why you say that is only for retailers protection, because if the law says t
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