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  1. I've got a CM16 Raider-L, so identical to yours essentially. As you've already said, front sight isn't removable so it restricts to what is easily and readily available to you. You could always cut down the sight (easy enough) or replace the outer-barrel (easy task to do, but compatibility can be a problem). I've tried using a friends Holosight and it is too short to clear the front sight. This is what I currently use: WE Europe RDS. It's a relatively cheap part, seems quite robust and well built, doesn't rattle around, multiple brightness settings. It's on the verge of clearing the front sight. Lining up with a horizontal line of sight it matches the post of the front sight quite nicely so it suits quite well. Obviously the engagement range and head positioning will have a drastic effect on this though. The only downside that could be an issue for you is that it is only a 1x magnification scope. The retractable / foldable magnifiers that a few people use don't line-up too well - to the point that I preferred just using the single sight for longer range as the FOV is severely limited when using the magnifier due to the alignment issue. As mentioned above, you could get a riser mount and then a holographic-style sight to sit high enough to clear the front post, but depending on how anal you are, you'd need to spend a while to zero it to your liking with the G&G hop-up and sight adjustment.
  2. Depending on what style of mag you're talking about, G&G make quite a few themselves. I bought a pack of 5 70-something round mid caps from LWA if I recall. Didn't see too dear.
  3. No issue with it whatsoever. Screw what anyone else thinks to be honest. The viability and usefulness of camouflage at most airsoft sites are negligible anyway. Wear what you want and enjoy it. If you rocked up in full issue MTP gear, kitted from head-to-toe in MOLLE pouches you'd probably get a few odd looks at most.
  4. What exactly are the symptoms you're getting with it though? Sporadic firing? Non-consistent or complete lack of grouping? Dry firing? I stripped my CM16 down after one day of relatively hard abuse and had to tighten a few things as it had developed a bit of a wobble. Get some pictures up too, might help?
  5. I have been using a pair of larger mesh goggles over my glasses. Think they may have been Nuprol ones, but can't remember. They work reasonably well, had no issues with BB fragmentation so far. Glasses didn't sit too well behind the mesh, and made it quite uncomfortable after an hour or so. Personally I'll be trying contact lenses again before my next game and using the ESS Advancers I bought a while ago.
  6. The only age-related limit to using airsoft weapons at an airsoft site is the site owners rules.
  7. From what I understand, Lord Shrewsbury isn't looking to make the amendment to the legislation; it's a probe. As the GTA is in his interests, he wants to know why the Airsoft community has such an exemption in place and what the outcome would be if that exemption were to be removed - ala his "amendment". Whilst I think the UKAPU are right to make a large social fuss over the whole issue and bring it to the attention of the sport's community as much as possible, I think perhaps things have gotten a little too heated - the "angry" letters that people have been writing to the Lords being only one point. Encouraging people to contact Lords and MPs about this issue seems like a slight overreaction given that the current goal from Lord Shrewsbury is to understand and clarify why we have an exemption as stated under the (proposed change to the) Firearms Act, not out-and-out remove it. In the future, perhaps he may, but by his own admission this isn't something he is looking to be legislated at the moment.
  8. Well, I've remembered to come back and post, so here I am! The gun held up well. I'd only used it once before down the end of the garden just to ensure it was firing off properly before setting off to Scotland! A 10 hour drive and an extra day later I can happily report that the gun held up very well! I was using a 2400mAh 7.4V LiPo battery that was charged the day before the event and I imagine was nowhere near depleted by the end of the day. I was using the G&G mid-cap (79 round) metal magazines and initially there did seem to be a feeding issue that would result in poor firing capability after every magazine change - however this had disappeared after a few hours so I'm putting it down to the gun "bedding in". The adjustable hop was nice and easy to use, I had a small tinker with it for some of the game arenas that I took a 'longer-range' approach to, and it seemed to adjust very nicely using the supplied 0.20g BBs. I found using the stock to it's most-extended-minus-one stop was easiest for me, but then I am a lanky sod with long arms; but the stock was very easy to change on the fly, which I happened to do a few times - compacting it in when going CQB. As I mentioned above, I bought the 'L' variant with the longer barrel. Whilst not a drawback or bad point on my experience, there were a few times where I could have done with a shorter barrel - but these were only in the very CQB elements. One thing I will say though, I bought the gun based on the very highly-regarded reviews from this site, YouTube and other airsoft communities; especially drawn in by its good (for the price range) internals, robust construction and light weight. Now I won't shy away from the fact that I gave the gun a 'good show' if you will and certainly wasn't afraid to haul it around whilst I was crawling on the ground, sliding into cover, etc. I have now found that the barrel and rail do have a slight wobble to them as if it has come loose somewhere. When I have a bit more spare time, possibly this weekend, I'll strip it down and have a poke about and work out what's come loose. But from a good solid 8 hours of (ab)use, it fared very well, was above my expectations and whilst I do have an itch to replace it, that's in no way influenced by the guns performance but more for my own thirst for something 'new'. TL:DR: a solid gun that provides a really good entry into airsoft without breaking the bank. It has the versatility to hold up against much more expensive hardware, and quite frankly p***es over the cheaper alternatives.
  9. I bought the CM16 Raider Long a couple of weeks ago and it will be making its first outing this weekend coming up in Aberdeen! I haven't tried the shorter version, but just holding the longer version feels more comfortable for me. RE: accessories, you don't need to wait around to get any, you can purchase them without being "on the database" (by which I assume you mean UKARA?). I've bought a set of low-mid cap mags, an angled foregrip and a NuProl copy of a Comp M3 red dot and sight protector. As has been mentioned above, the front sight isn't removable so does somewhat get in the way. I'll post back, if I remember, how it goes!
  10. Finally caved and bought. Was thinking of waiting the three games of using rentals / friends gear, but temptation is a devilish thing. G&G CM16 Raider L in Tan with a very fetching blue two-tone along with the G&G mags to suit as well as a relatively cheap angled grip and red dot. Roll on 14th August for the first outing with it!
  11. Popped into Combat Action Games on Saturday actually, looking at what eye protection and footwear they had as that's all I need to pickup now. I'll check out Hoopers at the weekend I think!
  12. Evening all. After lurking and browsing for a couple of weeks, if not longer, I decided I should actually sign up and get involved! Live just outside of Norwich and will likely be attending a few different sites around Norfolk, Oxfordshire (where the other half lives) and up in Aberdeen / Borders / North England (a few airsofting mates up that way!)! Been accumulating some gear recently but think I'll stave off buying an AEG until after I have a UKARA in a few months - much more choice and much better aesthetics without the two-tone! I look forward to meeting some of you in the future! Ben
  13. If I recall, most if not all postage carriers will not accept batteries as defined under their prohibited items list, either charged or fully discharged.
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