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  1. Definitely worth a visit, they have a Facebook page too with a rake of photos.
  2. Phoenix Airsoft normally get decent turnouts, Even when the weathers poor. If you get in touch with em they may give you an indication of numbers booked in, if your coming from Donny it’s about 30-35 mins.
  3. My nephews are in there early 20s. Will try to get down the end of this month the weekend of the 29th? What's the set up there i.e. Prices fps limit. What guns do you and your lad use.
  4. About the same as me then mate I've been playing just over a year, normally go with my nephews we're going to Phoenix Sunday so I'll have a word with them too and let you know when we can make it.
  5. Yeah would like to try somewhere different see what else is out there. I'll let you know. Do you go regular?how long have you been into airsoft?
  6. Alright mate I didn't know they did it there do they play every week? I'm living in Sheffield btw
  7. Hi pal. Been playing about a year now but only managed to play about 6/7 games at Phoenix airsoft not far from worksop. prefer to play outdoors.
  8. Ah I see makes sense. There was a price difference between fire supports and zeroones g17 Fire supports being cheaper and the shorter length so wasn't sure if they were the same model. If you could send us the length that would be great thanks for the info
  9. Apologies if I'm being thick or asking a daft question or both (I'm fairly new to airsoft) I've been after a tm g17 myself but noticed there was a length and weight difference on some of the models in the the product description of various retailers sites???
  10. Cheers for the reply Leg,I'm new to airsoft so pretty clueless I was after an Acog for my g&g cm16 any idea on the quality of there scopes?
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