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  1. I've moved this to off-topic as it's not really airsoft related anymore... Might have to merge it in with the "De-Railed discussions / Rants etc" thread at this rate too!
  2. While we're on the subject of moaning about people broadcasting their whole lives in need of validation, there's one that really pisses me off: "Happy birthday to my one true love. My lovely wife. I don't know what I'd be without you Stacey. Have a gr8 day and here's to many more! Love you sweetheart! Xxxxx" A) she's probably in the same fucking room as you - tell her to her face B) Who gives a shit In a similar vein, people who write posts to dead relatives. "9 years ago today. Luv u grandad. Miss you loads. Always a legend" I didn't realize Zuckerberg had managed to integrate Facebook into heaven. I'm sure losing your grandad was very sad, but what's the point of posts like these if not for seeking the Dopamine releasing replies from others. I've had Facebook uninstalled for a few weeks now and I don't miss it. Whinge whinge, moan, grumble etc 😂
  3. I'll tell you what you're missing... the bargain of the century! Queue starts behind me boys! Where's my bank card!
  4. Go CTSFO instead - Still police related.. ? Infact @Jedi_Master has lots of Grey CTSFO kit. He can probably point you in the direction of his bits and pieces (And the grey kit!)
  5. I know I say it every time Chris, but christ alive these are so cool. And they're getting better, I swear! I really need to get something sent off to you, I think I've been saying it for years now
  6. I really struggled to find a keymod torch mount that didn't cost a fortune - I ended up just resorting to a RIS segment with a RIS mount. Detracts from the sleekness of the keymod rail a bit as it sticks out a good 3-4" instead. In fact... if I remember correctly (I've not seen my gun since october! ) I think I've resorted to having it taped on instead now. Keeps the profile of the gun smaller.
  7. Jesus Christ mate, defending Nuprol in another thread and now this?! You need a lie down with an icepack mate...
  8. This is a shame you've decided to take the Dignitas route on this thread.. We don't delete threads at the users request I'm afraid. I will lock it though as I think this thread has run its course. For what it's worth though, I'll add some serious criticism, as you don't seem to like the joke comments: For someone who has their own photography/film production company and a diploma in this field, the video was a lacking several things that one would expect with someone of your qualifications / services. The lighting was generally awful, I would have thought you'd have lit the scene from the front, rather than the downlighters in the rear. The composition is non-existant and doesn't encourage me to engage in the video, with the to-and fro between the rear of the scene and the camera being exhausting to watch. And the general lack of charisma is striking. I know there's been a lot of flak fired your way in this thread, but it's predominantly said in jest. Please do stick around, once you get used to the guys here it's a good place to reside. I liken it to when you go to a new Airsoft site and the seasoned regulars give you plenty of stick. It's not said with any gravity and by the end of the day, you're included in their number. Cheers, Lewis
  9. @hexbugspider Getting shot in Airsoft doesn't hurt. KNEELING on a BB does though!
  10. Have a look at LCs Engineering Outpost on Facebook. He's done quite a few of the guys guns from here. Quick, Reasonable price and good quality of work
  11. His team mate Blitz has a video review too which is just as good: There's a different game you can play with this one: •Amount of time elapsed before you turn the video off because of Strykers mouth breathing behind the camera 😂
  12. It's an amazing video purely for the amount of new things you notice on repeat viewings: Such as •Bundle of disposable lighters above the deep frier •The sheer amount of Gel air fresheners And more! And you can do a drinking game with it: Take a shot every time he says Helikon, Tactical or when "Blitz" says "Yikes/wow/whoa" Trashed in minutes 😎
  13. Oh you guys are in for a treat. I normally wheel this video out once a year or so. But this is the pinnacle of YouTube Airsoft reviews - move over Airsoftology! Tactical t-shirt 😂
  14. Creaky plastic TM XM177 😎 Best beginner gun ever.
  15. Aaaaand we'll just move this whole thread to the off-topic discussion now.
  16. Hahahaha! Mate, 2012-Airsoft had already graduated Uni, got married and had a three year old kid by that point. But yes, welcome to the brood.
  17. I was a HUGE fan of the first division game and managed to get into the private beta for the 2nd. Any other agents from here playing too? I'm on PS4 if so
  18. It's not very well named, but that's what this thread is for: Edit: Renamed the thread now. But yes, please direct rants here. Off-topic posts and thread de-railments get moved there, generally, most of the time, occasionally, when we can, often.
  19. Ah, apologies, I thought you'd want a VP70 as it's the side arm for the Colonial Marines go nicely with the pulse rifle.
  20. Next step @paradoxum - VP70! http://www.iwholesales.co.uk/110516-kjworks-vp70-gas-blowback-pistol-black @CES_williamson from SWAS should be able to order one for you Might be worth reading through this as well, I've often eyeballed this page: http://realitypod.com/2011/06/03/recreate-m41-a-pulse-rifle-coolest-sci-fi-weapons-of-all-time/
  21. Been watching videos of MP9 GBBs on YouTube. Add another gun to "The List"! :(

    1. sonofsammo


      I had a play with one the other day - Very chucklesome gun indeed 😄 


  22. I think one problem is that people (incorrectly) look down on hicap users as being newbies or inexperienced. (As evidenced by Adox' post above) With the seasoned 'softers having "Graduated" to mid caps I use hicaps myself a lot. Saves reloading. The mags themselves are spare ammo, so no need for a dedicated speedloader. And I'm not too fussed on making noise.
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