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  1. L3wisD

    RAVEN EU Series G18 [Nuprol] vs WE G-Series G18c?

    Yeah it's a no brainer really to any airsofter with some sense. It seems that Nuprol have managed to pay their way into good reviews, so most people will take the retailers at their word. Because no shop ever wants to bad mouth a cheap product which has huuuge profit margin. We did the same thing at Andertons music. Stagg make all kinds of absolutely terrible music accessories and instruments. Woeful products. But we were told to reassure customers that they were great, because they had an absolutely collosal profit margin. We made more selling shitty guitar cables and gig bags than we did Fender and Gibson guitars!
  2. L3wisD

    ASG Glock Style 17

    The vented slide and fire selector switch make this an 18, not a 17. Hope this helps
  3. L3wisD

    Bethesda new game?

    Seems to be set in West Virginia only 20 years after the nuclear blast. Heard some rumours about it being online mmo style. Not sure I want to enjoy the vast wasteland before being interrupted by YOURmomztits420xxx yelling at me for being a fag 😕
  4. L3wisD

    Member rants and One Tigris

    Oooh apparently I'm the thread author...
  5. L3wisD

    Airsoft Imports - A Bad Experience, Sadly

    How's this going @Trojax88?
  6. L3wisD

    Tippmann m4 set up help

    Essentially yeah. One tank will get you about 1400-1600 shots, so if you're more trigger happy than most, get two tanks. And get a line with a "slide check" this allows you to remove the airline from the gun without having to depressurise the whole system. Slide the foreskin back and it'll go "pfffft" and your hose stays pressurised and the pressure in the gun is vented so it's safe to remove it from the hose. Then you need to decide how you'll fill those tanks. You can get hand pumps, but they are a pain in the ass and takes forever. Diving shops should fill them if you have the correct adapter for their scuba tanks Your better off using the Tippmann as standard for a few games and upgrade it as you like. A TDC (true dead centre) hop up mod is seen as essential by most Tippmann owners. As is changing the inner barrel right away as the stock barrel is poor, like recycled car aerials! Heavy Recoil bolt mods, buffer spring spacer mods and power valve efficiency gaskets are recommended but not essential. Changing the plastic RIS handguard is recommended too if you want it to feel and look a bit more premium than the standard furniture. It's worth bearing in mind that Tippmanns require a lot of patience to get shooting well, they have a lot of character. But they're super easy to work on and fix - no wires, no fiddly little bits, just nice big and simple things that are easy to strip down. I think if you speak to Amped Airsoft first they can help with recommendations, especially as you're allowed to run these more powerfully than we can, they'll know best. They can probably even get one modified straight out the box for you too. ...sorry for the essay. I love Tippmanns
  7. L3wisD

    Silver Fox Airsoft

    My brother sent me a photo of this unfortunate chap the other day. Full face may not be cool, but I'll never go glasses only.
  8. L3wisD

    Tippmann m4 set up help

    I'm presuming you're stateside judging from your regular airsoft site on your profile. Probably your best bets then are evike, or Amped Airsoft. Amped are huge fans of the Tippmann M4 so might be your best bet. https://ampedairsoft.com/tippmann-m4-velocity-lock/ Failing that, our resident American member @SeniorSpaz87 might know of somewhere better to send you
  9. L3wisD

    Tippmann m4 set up help

    You can adjust the RPS and FPS easily with a turn of an Allen key. Most sites will insist you have a tournament receiver pin.. where it can be cable tied to stop you opening it up and ramping up the power after chrono. You can get low power valves as well, but you're better off sticking to the normal valve.
  10. L3wisD

    Tippmann m4 set up help

    The Tippmann is internally regulated, so just a tank and line. Co2 is great if you don't want to run the tank, but it wastes an entire bulb every time you reload. You'll be going through them like nobody's business. Either way, you'll love it. SO much fun to play with one. I loved my Tippmann, and I miss it If you need HPA advice, @proffrink is our resident high pressure master.
  11. Anyone need any soft M4 mag or pistol pouches?

    I'm at a car boot and someone is selling new viper pouches for £2 each

    1. L3wisD


      Yeah, I was saying to Duff that I should have just bought shedloads of them.


      It was this pistol pouch:



      And these M4 pouches



      £2 each brand new! Even if you hate viper gear, that's great value!

    2. Duff
    3. P13


      Man I need some tan gear

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  12. L3wisD

    CYMA CM069 project gun - ideas wanted.

    I did find it odd you said you couldn't find one. They're everywhere
  13. L3wisD

    G&G M4

    Depends on your budget really mate And what g&g you have for the barrel length you need. A Prometheus barrel and purple rubber do wonders, but the barrels can be £50+. A Prowin style hop up unit can be another £20, but are great. So if your gun was only £120, spending over half of that might not be a good idea. A good equivalent would be an ZCI barrel from @ak2m4. They're good, and cheap. https://www.ak2m4.co.uk/internal-parts/inner-barrels
  14. L3wisD

    Airsoft in Summer

    I've been known to wear a pair of olive green shorts and a brown army t-shirt in the summer. Too hot to be fucking about looking like a soldier, sweating so much that you're peeling your testicles off your inner thigh every five minutes 😂
  15. L3wisD


    Defence, not defense.. we're sovereign abiding Brits here me ol' chum.
  16. I meant to say, there's another option for tracers if you wanted to run a barrel extension through a silencer... You can have the tracer unit inside the hop up, and it's usually wired to the guns battery. Something like the MAXX hop up: https://www.skirmshop.co.uk/ie-pro-w-led-tracer-cnc-aluminum-hopup-chamber.html Or the madbull 3-in-1 unit https://www.amazon.co.uk/Madbull-Tracer-Unit-Type-Airsoft/dp/B00ZA8C0IM Might be worth considering if you want to do the long-barrel-in-a-short-gun thing.
  17. L3wisD

    Airsoft Imports - A Bad Experience, Sadly

    Did you pay with PayPal? Your next step is to log a complaint with them. They're are much more rapid at getting your money back than eBay and often side with the customer. There is an option with PayPal to only pay once you've taken delivery of something and are happy with it - basically PayPal pays the eBay shop / seller and the thing is delivered. Once you are happy, you tell PayPal and they take the money you've "borrowed" from them. The bonus with this is if there's ever a problem, PayPal come down hard on the seller as it's their money that is jeopardised, not yours. Also, send Nuprol Rossco a friend request on Facebook, he's the marketing manager at Nuprol and can probably help. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009315937655
  18. L3wisD

    Tracer BBs

    Avoid BAW tracers. Cheap and Wonderfully bright, but lots of flyers and they seem more fragile than regular BBs. Nuprol RZR tracers are fantastic. But £20 for a bottle of .25s, they're more expensive than others. Blaster tracers are good.
  19. The LEDs run most of the way down the tracer. However the motion sensor is right next to the thread, so a barrel extension would stop BBs triggering the LEDs.
  20. Mine sold the same evening it was listed I'm afraid. Fucking regret selling it though. The mall with no tracer wasn't as good.
  21. All week: Lovely sunshine and warmth

    The evening I'm playing: Raining and cold



    1. CarloBear


      Go forth with a twix and a mk5 banger.

    2. L3wisD


      Well it was not a great night unfortunately.

      None of my kit was working right. Play was a bit sluggish and people were a little grumpy..

  22. L3wisD

    Tippmann M4 broken receiver tabs

    @Pritch - Did John at BZ managed to get you sorted?
  23. L3wisD

    Battlefield V is Now!

    Tell you what, thinking back to it, I think the battlefield series peaked at 2142. That game was amazing. The titan game mode was phenomenal. The weapons were great fun and balanced. The maps were incredible. And class progression was balanced, based on XP points from playing skillfully with no credit card details required. Not including bad company, those were great single player games.
  24. L3wisD

    Battlefield V is Now!

    The thing that annoyed me in the run up to the reveal of this game was when people were trying to guess what the new game was going to be. "Gotta be WW2 - they've not done that before" Ummm.. Battlefield 1942 says hi "Might be Vietnam - they haven't covered the vietnam war yet" Sorry, Battlefield: Vietnam wants a word "Might be futuristic like the newest COD - that'd original and cool" Battlefield 2142 is annoyed at your ignorance. I mean seriously, did all these n00bs join the Battlefield series at BF3 or something?!
  25. L3wisD

    New Player needing G36 Advice

    That's easily fixed though..