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    GBLS GDR15

    The classifieds are a great place to start... https://airsoft-forums.uk/classifieds/
  2. L3wisD

    WE G17 loads of upgrades £160

    Wasn't this up for £175 for weeks beforehand? Why the increase?
  3. L3wisD

    If paintball shops sold airsoft kit......

    BZ are fantastic to be fair. When I had my Tippmann they were really helpful with advice and tips etc even though I never bought anything from them.
  4. L3wisD

    TM NGRS HK417 help - bolt catch function issues

    @manchovie - I'm a member of this NGRS owners group (even though I don't own one! Sssshhh!). It has 4700 members, and they're very helpful: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TMNGR/
  5. That was a moderator decision to change the wording. You do not have the authority to decide when your thread will be locked if things aren't panning out as you hoped. And we didn't want members to believe you had an agreement with the moderating team over this thread. The thread will remain open.
  6. Me: "This thread is popular, let's go and take a loo..."
  7. L3wisD

    Batteries for sale-lipo and nimh

    Hmmm... Not sure about that. The black Lipo needs disposing off. I wouldn't put that anywhere near a charger. Agree with Jedi - the Deans wiring has been bodged something awful.
  8. @Robert James - you've got some explaining to do 😂
  9. L3wisD

    WE gbb pistol prices in UK

    I think that WE Europe was set up to make WE an established brand in Europe (as you'd imagine!). Nuprol was born from this. I imagine it's because the idea of importing cheap Chinese and Taiwanese Airsoft goods and repackaging them with a 80% mark up in price was simply too good an idea to reserve to just WE's guns. Which is why Nuprol are the biggest rebrander of rubbish tat in the airsoft market.
  10. Nothing wrong with the price on this.. but what constitutes being "MilSim Ready"? Is being an M4 enough compliance for MilSim games?
  11. Come and Marshall! It won't rain much !


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      Respect for doing your duty

    3. L3wisD


      Absolutely fucking soaked!

      BUT saw an AFUK patch in the wild.

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  12. L3wisD

    The Airsoft Second Hand Market

    Prisce... £50?
  13. L3wisD

    Blank Firers...

    Well now I want one!
  14. I love the smell of spammers in the morning!

    Thanks for the (numerous) reports guys! :)

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      yeah got into work and missed all the fun....just had to delete all the notifications!

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      What would you do without the militia

  15. L3wisD

    Blank Firers...

    We want videos! 😎
  16. L3wisD

    The last AFUK Mall event

    That makes sense, I recall you jumped when we bumped into each other 😂 My torso was PEPPERED because of my lack of chest rig. Looked like I had measles!
  17. L3wisD

    The last AFUK Mall event

    Oooh, I also forgot.. who was the fella I shot in the room behind Peacocks? We both rounded the corner at the same time but I managed to avoid getting hit somehow. Then your mag fell out of your gun (might be why I wasn't hit). After that I look down the main corridor behind Peacocks and see lots of players coming at me like that scene in Aliens when they're crawling through the ducting above the room I'm trying my best to get them. Running my mags out, ducking in and out of cover with pop shots. I shout "I could with a helping hand here!" A voice shouts "COLOUR?!" ....."GREEN!" Was my apprehensive reply. Turns out the people I was having a shootout with were also green. I could hear @ImTriggerHappy and the others chuckling and calling me an idiot 😂
  18. L3wisD

    The last AFUK Mall event

    I don't know actually - I can't remember.. was it you? I know I may have tagged one guy a bit too much at one point. He spotted me as he was coming down the corridor to Smelly Carpet Room.. I ducked back into Smelly Carpet and got tucked right inside the Electrical Cupboard. He entered the room firing into the corner where you'd expect someone to be and I popped him from inside the cupboard. He was moving fast and I think I got him with 3 or 4 quick shots. I did get a "Hit.. Hit.. HIIITT!" response out of him....
  19. L3wisD

    The last AFUK Mall event

    Yes! Apologies mate, I did want to come up and chat to you before the end of the day. Sorry I didn't
  20. L3wisD

    The last AFUK Mall event

    Finally got 20 minutes to do my little write up of the day! Firstly - Apologies if you came up to me on the day and said "Hi, Lewis yeah? Hi I'm MEMBERX on the forums" and I didn't get to hang out and chat much. My friend Pete was with me and as he's a non-forum member I didn't want him to feel like a lost lemon all on his own, so I didn't get to mingle as much. Going Belt & Pistol only was such a revelation. Absolutely loved it! Much more freedom of movement, peeking round corners was superb, and making dash runs for rooms was much, much easier and infinitely more enjoyable and rewarding. Gutted it took me this long to try it - just as they're closing the bloody place! It was great to hang out and do some Room Clearing with my fellow Mod @Jedi_Master. Taking down Forum members like we're dishing out little 6mm Bans hah! The downside was, even though we were assigned to protect Luke ( @Armourpiercing) He legged it so fast at the start of the Game that me and Jedi were wandering around going "Errrmm... we've lost our VIP that we're supposed to be protecting". During the game where @Albiscuit was one of the Personalities I had some great plays. Clearing the way up to the soft play area, onto the balcony and into the concrete room I saw Al with his hand up - remembering that the personalities had to remain within a few metres, I knew that Player Marshall Josh was nearby. Luckily his red flashing bike light gave him away and I charged and fired my gun at the blinky light. The plan was to head down stairs to the shop next to Candy land. We go downstairs and through the double doors to the back of Peacocks (LOVE The redesign of this bit by the way - so many less chokepoints and you can easily charge from the basement stairs into peacocks and create a solid push attack. Shame it's done the month they're closing! ). Here, we all got shot. Luckily our respawn was just down the stairs behind us. Quick as a flash I was back to rescue them both. Shot again. And again. And again. And again. We just could NOT clear the bastards out of the upstairs lift room. Finally made a mad charge, grabbed Josh and pulled him into the doorway of Peacocks for a medic. I was so relieved I'd finally got to them and rescued them that I gave him a hug! (Funny place The Mall, makes you do weird things..!) Next - through peacocks and got shot crossing the concourse into the shops. Never saw Albiscuit or Josh for the remainder of the game. My efforts to save them vanished into nothing! Gutted! The Knife-Room game was great. Between rushing backwards and forwards with Jedi like military Pinballs with the laptops, repeatedly getting into a knife fight with North London Knife Expert, Albiscuit and the giant Polish man who insisted on repeatedly trying to knife the mask off my face, I've never laughed so much since the Pain game from the 2017 AFUK game. I loved the whole day and it goes without saying that I'm going to miss the mall immensely. I've had the absolute BEST airsoft games of my life in the years I've been playing there. And I've made lots of new friends in my time there too. Wherever they move to, I'll be there - and hopefully you will be too!

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    Higher Resolution photos here: https://imgur.com/a/7iV0XZ6 I'm selling this on behalf of my friend Ian. He's just upgraded everything to Marui, so needs to move this on. The gun is in my possession though, so if you want any extra photos or have any questions, I can help Lovely G&G TopTech, so one from their best range. Fully metal, apart from the stock and the Pistol grip. This rifle has seen approximately 7 outings. Most of which was at The Mall. Chronos at 315-320. Amazing condition. Save for a few marks on the stock and the RIS rails, you'd be hard pressed to even realise it's been used. Despite having the full stock, it's still very usable in CQB, just be mindful of your room entries Please be aware that it is a heavy gun, not for those with bad backs, coming in at around 4.2kg with battery and magazine loaded. But it's a very realistic weight, which is cool. Comes with a large 8.4v NiMH battery and three G&G Hi-Caps (£23 each in the shops!) Also has the two RIS covers that comes with it new and the manuals etc. The RIS has a very slight bit of movement in it, only noticeable if you grip it too hard. I'm going to have it sorted before the buyer takes it away. These are £305 or thereabouts new. I think £190 is a bargain for this with the mags and battery included. But, as always, I'll consider any (sensible) offer. Buyer MUST have a valid defence. No exceptions. Collection preferred - I'm based in Theale (RG7 Postcode). Or I'm happy to deliver within 30 miles (or thereabouts) of my location. If you want it delivered by courier, please add an additional £22 to cover Postage and PayPal fees. (Equates to: £7 PayPal fee & £15 Postage)


  22. L3wisD

    WE/TM G17 front chassis screw

    @rocketdogbert ?
  23. L3wisD

    The last AFUK Mall event

    Uploaded the photos I took! All of them here: https://imgur.com/a/AaHZpM9 Highlights: Cam Man talking to himself: The lesser spotted ModSquad: Cheeki Breeki mofos: Cool @CarloBear: Facebook profile picture for this guy: ( @Seany.exe ?) Me and @Albiscuit posing like a couple of knobs:
  24. L3wisD

    The last AFUK Mall event

    Hah! The start of that game when I tried to nonchalantly Waltz across the room Albiscuit: Oh hey Lew, are you out? Lewis (forgetting that knife kills were allowed): Nope. Albiscuit (knife killing me): you are now Fuuuuu...!
  25. L3wisD

    The last AFUK Mall event

    Amazing time yesterday. I'm sure more of us said we were going to the pub, but it was only a small group of us, so presumably we got split up. I'm going to do a post about the day later and upload the (terrible) photos I took. Just need to wait for the kids to nap.