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  1. L3wisD

    The end of The Mall, Reading :(

    Maybe still time to book the place on a Saturday for an AFUK send off!
  2. L3wisD

    WeaponCrates is officially gone

    It isn't a subscription based mail order "loot crate" type of thing if that's what you were wondering. It's simply a website for folks to advertise their guns for sale and for folks to buy 2nd hand guns. Just maybe give this thread a read from the start before you go using it though...
  3. L3wisD


    I didn't think the Original manufacturer was a secret, was it? BB kings are popular in the states too.
  4. L3wisD

    The end of The Mall, Reading :(

    I smell a forum meet up on the cards...
  5. L3wisD

    In need of a glock sas front kit, anyone have one?

    @Compulsive Reload - please make an advert over on the wanted section of the classifieds. https://airsoft-forums.uk/classifieds/category/18-parts-gear-wanted/ You'll have better luck there for 2nd hand kits. Unfortunately, importing from the east is the usual course of action for these most of the time. if anyone has any knowledge of UK stock of these, please feel free to PM Comp Reload with a link. Thanks.
  6. L3wisD

    Tokyo Marui MP5K

    Is this the High-Cycle variant, or the regular AEG?
  7. L3wisD


    And not forgetting that Max has kindly made a 10% discount code for AFUK members: airsoft-forums (case sensitive) Is there a time limit on the code @6mmAmmoQuartermaster ?
  8. L3wisD

    Best inner barrels

    Depends really on your budget. Prometheus EG barrels are popular, and good, but at (approx) £56 a pop for a 275mm, they are quite a chunk to spend on a barrel. The ZCI barrels at AK2M4 are great, with very similar performance for a fraction of the price - coming in at £17 for a 275mm.
  9. L3wisD

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Mine is as-is. I've played loads of games with it now and haven't been unhappy with how it performs so far to warrant messing about with it. Using the standard purple nub too.
  10. L3wisD

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    God Bless Thatcham Army Surplus. They never have what I'm looking for.. but I still like a rummage Really is one of the best upgrades you can do to a gun.
  11. L3wisD

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    No... The.. ermm 110 round version. Yeah.. definitely. *Shifty eyes*
  12. L3wisD

    "6mm Ammo" supplies any good?

    Welcome aboard! Glad you've had some orders out of it! I'll be doing an order myself in a week or two. If you make a thread over here: https://airsoft-forums.uk/forum/10-places-to-buy/ The guys can give you feedback on your BBs and hopefully encourage others to order from you as well. Cheers! -Lewis
  13. L3wisD

    AEG with Recoil

    Me too, brother.. Go halfsies?
  14. L3wisD

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I'd love me some M16 short mags. Can't ever seen to see any in stock anywhere.
  15. L3wisD

    Tokyo Marui MK.23 LAM unit for sale?

    @Jobocop1992 - please use the "Wanted" section in the classifieds for this. https://airsoft-forums.uk/classifieds/category/18-parts-gear-wanted/ Bung an advert up and you should get some luck. Not many people use them as they are useless so would probably consider selling it on.
  16. L3wisD

    real deal USA

    @SeniorSpaz87 is a Florida resident, so he'll be the best person to ask. I'm going to move this to off-topic chat for now though.
  17. Booligan thought quite well of it + Unique looks. + Fits Glock holsters. + Good range. - Gas efficiency not great - Isn't a Glock
  18. L3wisD

    AEG with Recoil

    I want one of the ones @EvilMonkeehas got recently. The PTS Centurion CM4. Looks Lovely.
  19. L3wisD

    Summer Clearout :)

    @NSDS - the date on the photo shows it as 2017. Can you please confirm this is current gear and edit the photo.
  20. Got a £500 PPI refund the other day and it's burning a hole in my pocket! Hopefully there's don't decent black Friday stuff up for grabs and bit all the that hasn't sold so far this year
  21. L3wisD

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    It was mounted on the Griffin flash hider that comes with it. Tried it on a standard A2 birdcage and.. well now it's stuck.. 😕
  22. >First day of airsoft for ages

    >Pissing down



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    2. snuff


      Yes it was unfortunate..8 people not 6..still a washout,a few guys got to test guns and take photos...

    3. MisterG


      how was it at Ambush?

    4. L3wisD


      It was good in the end. About 40 players.

      Amazingly wet everywhere. Fell into a knee deep hole of sludge within 20 minutes 

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  23. L3wisD

    Pistol retention lanyards

    Glocks are easy to modify for a lanyard. The handle is easily drilled. This is one of my old G19s:
  24. L3wisD

    Gun picture thread

    How much do you want for it