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  1. L3wisD

    G&G CM18 (fully functioning)

    Is £30.00 (Thirty) pounds correct? Surprised it hasn't sold already based on that! Even if it wasn't working it would be worth more than that! :D
  2. It's like one of those shopping channels. Give it 3 hours and the price will be locked in at the super low low price of £110! Order now and receive a free bottle of bulldog 0.12g BBs in camouflage colour!
  3. They must have seen what that Stormzombies kid was asking for his p09 and decided a robbery was taking place.
  4. L3wisD

    Re-spraying my gun now I have my UKARA?

    Sig green is the best shout. Dat classic colour scheme 😎
  5. L3wisD

    Die Hard back in the cinema!

    Yes!! We watch this every Christmas Eve in our house! If you start it at 21:57pm, Hans Gruber drops bang on midnight, ushering in Christmas day! 😁
  6. L3wisD

    2 x CYMA CM0.30 Inc Top Rail lasers and silencers

    Oooooh, you're temptingly close to me (Theale). This is a predicament! 😂
  7. L3wisD

    Tokyo Marui SCAR-H Recoil Shock

    You've put Used or new... well, Fire-support recently had a TM re-stock, including SCAR H's: https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/marui-recoil-scar-heavy-tan-airsoft-gun-aeg
  8. What is it, for those who aren't a member of the group (nor wish to join) ?
  9. L3wisD

    Custom inner barrels

    Another vote for those guys. I recommended them to @BigBlackGlock and he had his barrel shortened and was very happy with it. Incredibly reasonable prices too.
  10. L3wisD

    Is the TM Glock only a problem because.......?

    Yes, more than happy with my 22! Performance at the mall last month was lovely. I was talking to RDB about changing the barrel and hop unit, but I think I'm going to keep it standard until something breaks. Taking bets on when that'll be!
  11. L3wisD

    KWA TK .45

    That's odd timing. KWA posted this in Reddit earlier: https://store.kwausa.com/tk-45-landing-page/
  12. L3wisD

    ASPUK (Airsoft Sniper Parts UK)

    I did notice the other day when the conversation was flowing about the cheap MP5K that it didn't look like they actually had stock: To be fair, with these they probably act as a drop shipper of sorts and once they get the order from you, will get one on their next iWholesales order or similar. Stick with it for a few days, for the saving it's probably worth the wait in my opinion.
  13. L3wisD

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I think my main issue is that I can see how all those holes and cut outs would just get filled with mud, fluff, leaves etc. It's just more to have to clean!
  14. L3wisD

    Good skirmish AEG

    Easy: https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/marui-recoil-cqbr-black-version-airsoft-gun-ebb-aeg Then https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/fire-support-lipo-stock-conversion-for-marui-recoil-cqbr Then https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/pts-epm-marui-recoil-m4scar-magazines-black120-rnd (x2) A smidge over £500 - enjoy trouble free, and high performance airsofting for the next 6-10 years. And just to follow this up so I don't sound like an arsehole.. there is no need to buy a mid-range gun and "upgrade" it without using it. A £300 gun will probably do just fine, but if you're lucky enough to have a budget of £500, use the majority of it on the best gun you can get. And don't worry about upgrades - do that when something breaks or fails.
  15. L3wisD

    Marui Hi-capa chrome magazines

    @Jason Ke - any chance of some better photos? Seems like a lit of money to spend based on this one photo...
  16. Anyone lucky enough to be at the Mall this morning?

    1. Dino


      No unfortunately.  When will it be closing?

    2. L3wisD


      An hour ago.


      Now closed forever, pending demolition :(

  17. Welcome! Love the photos! Always fancied a Vietnam kit. There's a guy at one of my local sites that has a great Vietnam and WWII Airborne loadout. Usually very envious when he turns up in them.
  18. L3wisD

    Going to Airsoft alone...?

    Yeah that's really good value. I'd be terrified letting the rentals off with h all that kit though. I worry about losing my own pistols as it is and I use a bungee cord! On the subject of two tones, I saw a really good one recently *Goes away for ten minutes* Saw this on Patrolbase's "Weapon Wednesday" Facebook post last week. For a two tone I think it looks really nice. The red doesn't hinder the look at all. I'd very happily own and use that.
  19. L3wisD

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Had to Google that. That's going straight into my vocabulary.
  20. L3wisD

    Pets at games

    Love seeing Stretch in the wild! He's recently received a Scarf and Hat to keep him warm in the colder months. Made by my missus 😂 And he also enjoyed the recent AFUK mall game
  21. Guys - PLEASE have photos of your actual items and an asking price in the classifieds!


  22. L3wisD

    GBLS GDR15

    The classifieds are a great place to start... https://airsoft-forums.uk/classifieds/
  23. L3wisD

    WE G17 loads of upgrades £160

    Wasn't this up for £175 for weeks beforehand? Why the increase?