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  1. Ah ok, well, they take some tinkering, but once you've got it running nicely, they're fantastic. Have a look at TTR Tec on Facebook. Tony is the Tippmann master. https://www.facebook.com/tonytaffreynolds/ He sells TDC mods, air efficiency mods and tanker stocks, heavy buffers etc. He can make a tippy shoot better than anything If you need any advice or help getting it running, let me, Proffrink or Rocketdogbert know
  2. It depends... Have you got a TDC mod installed yet? What Rubber are you using? If you've got a Tony Taff TTR TDC Hopup, and a G&G green or Prommy Purple, you'll be fine to lob .30s happily all day long. Stock? Ehhh... probably stick with .23s or .25s
  3. Might just be me, but in that scenario, I'd probably rip the guys arm off in order to be the first one to it... And then sell it to one of you lot for £180 😂
  4. Yeah Camman is a good shout too. https://www.youtube.com/user/airsoftcamman
  5. Nothing in the way of new content, but bodgeups is the only decent Airsoft sniper worth watching https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCShkxMWRR9Hk72YWatDOwXQ
  6. It doesn't help to keep repeating the advice of others, but clearly it's not sinking in, so here goes: Get a two tone and play! In the time this thread has been running, your parent could have bought one and you'd be charging your batteries ready for this weekend already! Just think: •Does a two-tone make Airsoft any less fun? Nope! •Does a two-tone paint job make a gun perform worse? Nope! •Will you still have fun, and enjoy banter with other like minded Airsofters? Yes!
  7. I thought I recognised him! Airsoft4life - a Two Tone in Red actually looks really cool. I've shown this example before (found this on Facebook) and it's perhaps the coolest looking two tone I've seen. Just because it's 51% red, doesn't mean you can make it your own. Plus the Patrolbase shade of red (shown above) isn't quite as bright as it perhaps should be... Which I think helps.
  8. Buy an M4 and an M4/MP5 magwell adapter and save £500
  9. I think this is best. At the moment there is a couple of M4s from the same person, being advertised as "Brand new". Despite photos showing them with Holosights fitted with used magazines in the case with the gun.
  10. That was the SM4. But still, I'd never buy a Nuprol charger.
  11. I've finally solved the "Spectacles with Shooting glasses" conundrum!





    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      Surely you need another pair to protect your glasses from errant bb's?

    2. StayOnTarget


      You sir are a feckin genius 😉

  12. Yeah, lots of Americans seem to love those high ROF HPA set ups, but it's easy to have one shooting normally. My old tippmann was great. Sensible ROF, great kick, Fantastic noise. I'd have another in a heartbeat
  13. Does having an HPA set up equal taking airsoft too seriously then?
  14. Well jealous. That's been on my gear list for aaaaaages.
  15. 🤔 But yes, cotton wool is much better, and as a bonus doesn't come covered in warnings saying how it causes cancer, like the expanding foam does.
  16. @Seth_K - I'll be advertising my Kytech CSD beta unit for sale later. It's right up your Street. You add custom sounds to a micro SD card then it activates the sound to play out of the peq box as the BB breaks the sensor. They're going to be all the rage once they iron out a few problems.
  17. How are you planning on buying a RIF, given that you don't have UKARA Or are under 18? Also, UKARA only covers purchasing.. it's not up to site owners to enforce who should have a Two Tone or not.
  18. L3wisD

    THE TM MWS thread

    Would a rail riser help you clear the sight post?
  19. L3wisD

    Division 2

    Should be able to switch right to it by holding Triangle/Y/Whatever key to switch weapons.. Ammo is sparse though.
  20. L3wisD

    Division 2

    Tell me about it! My checkpoints! My checkpoints keep changing hands!
  21. Yeah, specify the max reading you get, but with gas, it doesn't hurt to add some spiel along the lines of: "345fps on green gas approximately. FPS is Temperature and Gas dependant." Any decent Airsofter knows that it could go up in the warm, and on different gas but some might not. It also covers you if someone tries to say they're only getting 275fps for using it in the winter... with maintenance gas.
  22. AK2M4 coming through in under 24 hours. Top job!
  23. Are you asking if gas is better than co2? Or, are you asking what's the best brand of gas or co2? And did you mean to use your username as a thread title?
  24. Finally getting out for a game! It's been 7 months!

    Next Saturday at Gunman. It's on 😎

    1. Mad Rag

      Mad Rag

      was it a good one @L3wisD

    2. StayOnTarget


      LIGHT THEM UP!!!!giphy.gif.ed1b6ed9e659b488dd382dbf72db1cb2.gif

    3. djben9


      i havent played since December!....so not as bad as you!

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