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  1. Sure would be shame if his Address was leaked and then he got a glitter bomb delivered....
  2. Calling the police after the law has sided with the other guy?
  3. Up until 1:30am looking at Tokyo Marui High Cycle AUG videos and reviews. I'm smitten!

    ...and skint.. :(

    1. Monkman


      Ditto...but TM Scar's..lol

    2. Iceni


      There are ways to make a cheaper aug with the same externals into a high speed gun.

      Replied to your PM, and sent some advice to making a cheap mans HC, That can be done over a period of time.

    3. rocketdogbert


      My daughters HC Patriot is awesome, bb’s come out like hose😂

  4. L3wisD

    Swerving bbs !

    I'll echo what Duff said about cleaning your Barrel.. but from looking at the guns you own on your profile, you should be a dab hand at rifle maintenance already, so presumably you've done this? Failing that, @BigBlackGlock will be able to help, iirc he's had PTS Masada GBBRs in the past and might know of a certain issue they might have?
  5. L3wisD

    Help bought silencer/doesn't fit! Aks74u

    Yeah, your AceTech has the pistol adapter in it. Don't screw it the normal direction... You'll tighten it. It screws the opposite way off. Then you'll have M14 thread inside the AceTech to match your barrel. If you intend to use the tracer though, you'll either need an outer Barrel extension. Or shorter inner. Patrol base have just had the Slong barrel extensions in. They seem nice and cheap http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/new-products/Slong-Airsoft
  6. L3wisD

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    You'd get a pretty penny for that folding spas stock. Someone advertised one on here a few months back and it got the asking price within a couple of hours. Like rocking horse shit that has been chewed by hen's teeth... Apparently
  7. Happy to help! .... that'll be £10 please.
  8. I know I've posted this before.. but a wooden Mp5 would make me very happy
  9. L3wisD

    Bethesda new game?

    Stayed up to watch the Bethesda conference and regret it immeasurably today. Fucking Knackered. Wolfenstein stein set in the 1980s interest me. Killing Nazis to synthwave? Yiss... Fallout 76 doesn't look too enticing... And I've been a big FO fan for yeeeeaaars. Especially annoying as it's running on the same shitty engine. Even their gameplay demonstration was chugging away when the guns started kicking off. Embarrassingly bad frame rate.
  10. L3wisD

    Sunday the 24 @ The Mall

    Let me know if you book in. We'll try and round up the news team to be there on the same day.
  11. L3wisD

    Sunday the 24 @ The Mall

    You get used to it. It took me three or four visits to get a lay of the site. But yes. Your first visit, you'll get lost
  12. Yeah it's nuts. Like you say, it's cheaper when bought direct from new. If someone spunks the extra money on it just to cut out the waiting list, then they are even worse.
  13. L3wisD

    Sunday the 24 @ The Mall

    Yeah the c&a basement has oil barrels, walls of old tyres and the zombie response van in it. Makes it much more fun to play in. I took some photos last time, hold on.. @Black_Ice931 and @E21A - it's definitely worth it. Even if you only go once, it's worth it for the change of scenery. Nothing comes close to exploring the shops, or flanking the other team by going down the escalator, through the loading bay area in the basement, navigating your way through the service corridors and coming up a pitch black staircase and taking them out from behind.
  14. Consider asking LCs engineering outpost. He's based just outside of Farnborough (Near Aldershot if you aren't familiar) https://www.facebook.com/lcsengineeringoutpost/ He makes barrels, barrel extensions, can shorten Barrels, repairs threads and can generally make any kind of custom thing. He's very sought after so he might have a queue..