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  1. Von Nimble

    Umarex MP7 Mag fill valve

    Hello everyone, Looking for some advice from some seasoned MP7 users out there. I'm current running and Umarex/KWA/KSC/VFC MP7 and one of my mags has a leak and i have found the issue to be in the fill valve, I need either a new fill valve or a new o ring. Would anyone happen to know if the Kriss Vector ones with work here or where I can get a valve which would work? Many thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Von Nimble

    LiPo Charging

    Hey everyone, So I've just bought a new AEG as the price of gas when using only gas guns is a little unmanageable when I'm skirmishing 2-3 times a week. I decided to go for a 11.4 LiPo instead of NiMs which I have previously used as the difference between the two is well worth the extra money. My question is, which my charger for my NiMs be sufficient or should I get a special LiPo charger? If I should what would you recommend? Cheers guys!