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  1. What on Earth are you on about now? Stop quoting me so I don't have to witness your big man act. You're boring me.
  2. ​I'm back! I realise what I was asking resembled what was asked in another thread: http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/31008-buying-second-hand/ I didn't see that though as it's on the second page of one of many sub-forums. Politer responses over there, too. I also note that I linked a metal firing BB gun in the OP. I understand that some people term these BB guns and plastic firing airsoft differently. Just to reiterate the purport of this thread, I was unsure whether rules applied differently to Traders and Private sellers. I wouldn't know; I don't have the tendency to buy alcohol online. I wasn't arguing about the rules. People were arguing with as to why I would want an RIF. I don't deny that these geezers know more about it than me though, hence why I came here. Nope. People are easily triggered, innit. ________________ /close thread and stop trying to bash me.
  3. The whole purport of this thread was to find clarification. I signed up especially!
  4. ... and that's what I was originally asking. I re-phrased the second bit after I posted it as I knew it was a bad portrayal. You could have waited, jeeez. The point still stands. PS: I have no affiliation with Tumblr.
  5. My boat comparison was intended to combat the suggestion that RIFs were pointless if not being used in skirmishing. The inference of 'boats are not restricted', I feel, is a tangent. "Not a clever idea to come to an airsoft forum and call their game 'cringe-worthy'...asking for help in the same thread"- But that is my opinion. It seems as though you fellas are old enough to own replications but not old enough to realise that opinions are subjective. Is that really the level that we are at? Bigotry?
  6. Yeah, I'm working on the air rifles. I know I don't need an RIF but they just add an extra level of 'coolness'. Why would I try holding up a Post Office with a boat model? Are people just not getting the point?
  7. No, I did not. The user had the word "cringey" in quotation marks. I did not directly use that word; they should have paraphrased it without quotation marks or quoted correctly ("cringe-worthy).
  8. "but you can't use a model boat to potentially threaten someone"- That has little relevance to the original point. "i guess you find those hobbies cringe-worthy" too"- That's a clear sweeping statement (have I offended you?), but I do have little liking for re-enactment, but am partial to the film making concept- that can hardly be applied to this scenario though. Funnily enough that was what I was on the Free Ads websites for. There are no air rifle stores within close radius to me (as far as I can tell), and online stores charge loads for delivery. My thinking was that, if there are people willing to send air rifles, why couldn't this work with BB guns?
  9. I did not say that I find airsoft "cringey" (I didn't even use that word, to be picky) as a whole. Can a man not own a model of a boat if he does no wish to go to sea?
  10. You're right, I have no intention of BB skirmishing. In my area, it is irrefutably shadowed by paintballing; thus I would have no-one to play with other than complete strangers. That's if I wanted to play BB matches; in all honestly though I find it cringe-worthy. I used "UKARA license" shadowingly, for it does grant access, so acts as a license. I was led to believe that only certified traders would check for registration details, etc, and that this doesn't apply to private sellers. I might even be making that up. There's bound to be someone willing to send a gun without checking eligibility! Inshallah they are not scammers, too. < I'm not Muslim so I don't know why I said that. I'm not even black. Would you believe it?
  11. Hello, This is my first post to the website; feel free to rinse me with elitism and stuff. I'm also relatively new to airsoft. I bought a few two-tones a while ago and am becoming increasingly interested in RIF bb guns. However, I dont have any sort of eligibility to buy them: the process of enlisting for the UKARA license for example doesn't interest me; I would not be interested in playing an x amount of games, etc, as stated by the requirements. I want an RIF gun to admire. Mainly for target shooting. I have seen some of these BB guns advertised on Free Ads websites where sellers are offering to post their guns. An example of this is here: http://www.freeads.co.uk/uk/buy-sell/leisure-hobbies/hunting-sporting-equipment/bb-guns/31144712/kwc-km-43zdhn-jerico-co2-bb-pistol-with-bbs-and-10-gas-bottles/view Would I be able to buy an RIF gun from private sellers without a license thing? Some of the adverts claim to require photo ID but don't specify what sort, or when they require it (upon sending the gun or upon delivery, etc). Any help would be much appreciated. Thank-you.
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