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  1. I have bought a few of these mags for my Well L96, they do not fit! you will need to file/sand the side edges for them to fit correctly, I put one in to my Well L96 but had to pry it out with a screw driver. As for your DE i'm not sure if they will work, but they are slightly bigger than Well mags. I believe they are for Warrior L96.. but I might be wrong.
  2. Lol, that was also on my list, an HPA Scar H (VFC) setup, so I tried it with the G36 to learn my way around them first (AEG), it's quite tricky at first, but a few vids later it becomes easier.. especially when your gears or anti rotation pops out of place when putting the GB chasis back together, and then once its all together, to then discover you forgot to install the spring.. DOH! One thing I did find with the SCAR was after a couple of hours using it, I could barely hold it up, it got pretty heavy! But I suppose the SCAR L is better for weight. I am definitely going to get myself a SCAR in the future, they look absolutely badass.
  3. I got an Ares G36 from a mate for £80,which had knackered gearbox and the hop up was crumbled inside (gun was only used about 3 times) (I found some really large bb's inside , so replaced the hop unit, sorted gearbox out (just maintenance wise) watched a few vids and read on sniper forums on DMR setup/tweaking, so I did a few mods like PTFE in cylinder head, shaved some gears from piston etc.. and a few other bits, I put a top rail on the gun and got a sniper scope for it for £30. basically it's still stock parts just lubed and tweaked a wee bit firing between 420 & 425 fps , next step is MOSFET so I can disable full auto and maybe use burst mode, also need a bipod. but overall very happy with the gun for what I spent on it. I did it just to try a DMR out, it's not skirmished yet but my back garden has about 3000 bb's in it after 2 days of getting it running . Would also like to try a M4 platform so keep us posted on how you get on, if ya do. sorry I cant help with advice on the M4 platform as I've not done one yet. But for yourself there are tons of forum posts all over the net helping with DMR setups.
  4. Respect to him! I've seen the vid before but not with sound, this is just damn awesome for a serious disability.
  5. 1 of the sites I go Apocalypse in Kent are every weekend and some week nights I believe, The other Wasteland airsoft every other sunday, I've only been once to Wasteland but will defo's go back again. at least I got a bit of variety and can go when I want, even though Apocalypse is an hour drive.
  6. Andy Mc

    Prepar3d or FSX

    Looks pretty awesome, might give it a go I used to use Microsoft flight sim a few years ago, nowadays just get my flying fixes in BF4 (pc based) and Realflight V6.5 for my Rc helis and planes. Not quite what you're using , Is it a big outlay to get the base game sorted?
  7. Ok mate, just following on from your original quote.. no mention of that gear in your original quote? But yes you are correct footwear and gloves...and more importantly eye protection!! As a newb trying to help another newb and try give some direction in achieving a successful step into airsofting! Something which I never had, so any limited experience I can offer I think is better than none
  8. Hi Just picking up on a old post I just went there this Sunday gone past, it says 'walk in' on the website. so we went there to 'walk in'..can ya find the place.. no chance! so I sent a FB message and got an immediate response that everyone meets up at their shop and then goes to the site, which is about 5mins away. Luke whom I spoke to and the staff were awesomely helpful, very generous in sharing their knowledge and came across as very skilled people. I took my daughter for her first time, and Luke even was kind enough to let her use his personal head gear! bonus in my books. In terms of the site itself, it was very different to what I have been to before (smaller), but they executed a well run setup, organised (most of the time) there were some public members that appeared on the site randomly, but they were swiftly moved on. All the other players there were really friendly and helpful (especially some dutch players), Luke and his team were top notch!! I will defo's recommend this site for a quick skirmish day, games were varied, sometimes lasted 10min, or 2hrs, loads of fun, and the lunch time meals were really good!
  9. Hey Lendog Welcome to the forums... I cant vouch much here, as i'm very new here myself, but as Pasty mentioned don't worry too much about the equipment just yet, I have gone and bought myself loads of 'kit' and found some of it not suitable for me, and I don't even have a gun yet! So yea for sure hit those sites in your area (sorry I'm in Berkshire not Devon so cant help you there) all the sites I've played on have all generally been very helpful and generous in letting me get a feel for different weapons and equipment, so I do recommend just pitching up on a game day and speaking to loads of people and handling loads of equipment, you will find your style there somewhere before ya spend loads of cash on stuff ya probs don't even need. G'luck! PS: Woodland type areas have been my favourites thus far, i'm gonna try a CQB (close quarter combat) one some time soon.
  10. NP, happy to have put a smile on someone's face. And cheers for the free play on your pic... ya shouldn't have lol
  11. ahh, good post and answers! I was just thinking the same thing I have played a few games just not applied for a defense (UKARA) but am interested in purchasing a gun.. so guess apply for defense first
  12. I was going to put little pink AK47's on the teeth, and some gangsta specs on! but being a newb here, thought I best behave for a few days at least.
  13. Hi All Just thought I would come and intro myself, been interested in airsoft for a number of years, but only got around to doing it a few weeks ago after my mates consistent pestering , been to apocalypse in Kent a few times now and really loved it, so a few weeks down the road I find myself here on this website wanting to learn more quickly and hopefully make some investments (guns guns and more guns) Used a LRS1 R93, M4 Vltor, SCAR-H and some .45 pistols, The SCAR atm is by far my favourite, even though it feels a bit heavy after 2hrs of running around like a lunatic! Sure i'll meet/speak to some of you at some stage, and I look forward to getting loads of advice and meeting new people.
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