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  1. Ground permissions? Maybe they share with a paintball site or another sort of event? Like they could have a Field Target club/shooting on the alternative Sunday Just coming from a business principle here, but they could both be hoping to burn the other site out with competition. If one isn't getting sustainable numbers, the other will look to gain them if the failing site closes, and they get the numbers from it... could be due to bad blood between parties. There are a number of factors that could lead to it, which you won't know without asking the organisers. Have you asked your organisers or raised it with them to see what their thoughts are on it? Only they know the answers
  2. Some people only have the one site to go to, and quite a few sites will browse these boards. It would be easy enough to work out who's skating the site online and ban them from playing.
  3. Aye, your youtube seems to be following me. when i was on last night, watched the milsim loadout vid, and now back with this?
  4. A trip to the bunker in colchester if you are driving might not be out the question. Ray's a good guy, mixture of high low end rifles, bdu and webbing galore, range to try the guns. At the bottom of ipswhich road, which is the main road that links Colchester and ipswhich, and about a 20/30 min drive. If your trainig it, it's about a 10 minute walk from the station on the caldury trading estate.
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