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  1. The Russians seemed to have got something off the ground, 400 FPS CQB tho http://www.strikeball.tv/
  2. Thanks bro You'd been one hell of an internet spotter
  3. And the learning process continues
  4. Evening all So I've finally pulled my find out and started a blog on my airsoft exploits. Feedback would be much appreciated and yes I know my grammar is shocking, hopefully something that should improve by keeping this up! https://twistedgriffin.wordpress.com/ Thanks all
  5. Pro Airsoft just announced they were the new distro for SRU.
  6. Pro Airsoft have a pretty big sale and tactical kit and accessories at the minute
  7. After owning both I'd say the MP7 is the superior gun. It's a beast in CQB due it's small nature and the manipulations (reloading, bolt catch placement) are much easier than the G5.
  8. Yeah I got it second hand for about 70 quid, don't know where'd you find one though sorry.
  9. Not really into doing legit impressions but I've had a lot of fun trying out different Russian gear over the past few months. I do have K6-B helmet to use with this loadout but it doesn't get used very often for comfort reasons!
  10. The PDW's get the 30K motor thanks to the small barrel, My money is the Vector having it too.
  11. No worries bud, hard to get that kinda exposure these days!
  12. On the left at one of RIFT's Filmsim games, nails site to play at the ridge especially when it rains!
  13. They're ditching the spring release function. Apparently they couldn't get it to work how they wanted too. Source Krytac Forum
  14. As someone who works 'in the industry' I'll help put one one rumor in this thread to sleep. AI and AA are competently separate entities. The owners of both magazines used to work together in the past but not anymore. And that's before AA was out. Also PAS definitely don't have any control in AA, we just gave them a bunch of stuff to review in the past and got a mention for supplying it.
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