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  1. Battery was out and the clip was empty. My Mrs won't even let me put the batteries in while in the house lol.
  2. Both of my guns are two-tone red from Patrol Base. The red they used is quite dark and not at all offensive like some two-tone sprays I've seen.
  3. That would depend on wether the giggle pin has come loose from big end or not
  4. My own research came to the same conclusion. Just nice to see a second opinion before dropping all the money.
  5. This is such a good idea for a thread! So I'm struggling to decide between 2 guns of the same model but made by different manufacturers. The first http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-bulpup-guns/ics-l85-a2.htm#.V0Z3CPR4XCQ And the second http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-bulpup-guns/ares-l85-a2-assault-rifle-aeg-olive-green.htm#.V0Z3F_R4XCQ
  6. I would hold off on getting a sniper rifle for your first skirmish gun. Rent for a few games and try to save another £100, get yourself a good AEG rifle and practice. Once you've got the hang of everything then get yourself a sniper rifle.
  7. I do love me some Russian military gear... Looks awesome, dude!
  8. My budget load out. Couple of fleabay specials, little bit of military surplus and some two-tone weapons. All in for about £500.... Probably should have pulled my trousers up before taking the pic.... Oh well...
  9. It's just a military surplus vest, they're fairly cheap. Got mine from eBay, it's grade 1 but no noticeable marks or damage.
  10. Did you decide on a gun in the end?
  11. Yodel & Hermes are no go couriers for me. I won't even buy from a company if I know they use them.
  12. Dat thread doe! Awesome stuff for noobies like me. Thanks for putting the effort in.
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