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  1. Looking for cheap Russian army gear. Please let me know of some sites, thank you.
  2. http://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152203088-DG-08-Assault-Rifle-Replica.html Shall I buy this? I'm looking for a Russian loadout so if you know any places to get the clothing etc from please link, thank you!
  3. All these sites are great but they're not my size, please link me to more sites.
  4. I am looking for a gorka and a combat vest but I have no idea where to buy from, I'd very much appreciate links.
  5. I'm needing a combat vest and some clothing. These camos: Can't be really expensive and low shipping fee. Also maybe add in some accessorises as well, thanks.
  6. So I have a two tone AK47 (orange) and if I add a gearskin to it is it legal? The Gearskin: http://www.odintactical.co.uk/GEARSKIN-REGULAR-High-End-Self-Adhesive-Cover-p/gs-600.htm
  7. So I have a two tone AK47 (orange) and if I add a gearskin to it is it legal? The gearskin: http://www.odintactical.co.uk/GEARSKIN-REGULAR-High-End-Self-Adhesive-Cover-p/gs-600.htm
  8. If I want to improve the FPS on my sniper rifle what do I need to buy?
  9. I watch Novritsch a lot, my computer wallpaper is him sniping. I'm looking for any sniper on airsoftworld tbh, It has to be two tone so I'm buying from airsoftworld so I can get the snake pattern as I can't stand bright orange/green.
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