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  1. Anyone over the next couple of months meet and play at a site for the weekend or something? or see if we can find a big event somewhere in the the south of england and attend it with the possibility of going to the US next year to play a big event?
  2. Any good stock AEG gun for around £150, has to be stock. I play woodland and urban/CQB stuff so it has to have a decent ROF otherwise ill get melted just out of ROF.
  3. Im in Tunbridge wells Kent and im going to buy online now just makes life easier, with help off of people on here i can pick a good gun off a good retailer hopefully.
  4. as i want an M4 weapon i like the look of a m16a2? ill be sticking on a acog sight (Red Dot) with a grip and flash light.
  5. what beginner M4 brand would you guys go for baring in mind i have a £150 budget i can probably go £200 on a weapon?
  6. there just ideas need some feedback on what people think i should get.
  7. CYMA M4A1 AEG Airsoft Rifle (CM010) G&G Combat Machine Raider - Desert Short Airsoft Rifle G&G Combat Machine Raider - Desert, Long Airsoft Rifle CYMA M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Rifle (CM018) G&G GC4 G26 30th Anniversary Limited Edition AEG Airsoft Rifle - Black G&G GC16 MOD0 30th Anniversary Limited Edition AEG Airsoft Rifle - Dark Earth G&G Combat Machine CM18 MOD1 - Black / Dark Earth AGM M4A1 RIS AEG Airsoft Rifle (032) G&G GC16 MOD0 30th Anniversary Limited Edition AEG Airsoft Rifle - Black CYMA M4 RAS II - Mk18 - AEG Airsoft Rifle (CM005) There the possible weapons id like to purchase, i can always buy a rubbish as to say "Test" rifle to learn how to Modify things then implement them into my Main rifle. pros and cons? starting to think i possibly would like something with good accuracy at range and effective to play with in a ghillie suit as thats what i normally wear to games. aslo peoples recommended sight for the given weapon? chances are what feedback i get now i will probably buy.
  8. Thanks mate, Im 18 so im unsure if i have to get two tone as im not registered i believe thats the LAW in the UK, i have a few ideas for these style weapons all of them which priced to £150 i might get? http://www.airsoftworld.net/airsoft-guns/airsoft-bb-gun-type/airsoft-bb-gun-rifles/airsoft-bb-gun-m4-m16/battery-type/mini-crane
  9. Hey, Im new on the airsoft scene so my general knowledge is not great on guns etc. All i am asking is i have played a couple few times with my mates guns and played more of a choke point holder with a semi auto weapon hiding and just picking people off as they come. so i am looking to buy my own weapon either being a gas or AEG weapon for anything up to £150 budget wise for a gun. What do people think i should get and best place to get it from im located in UK , Kent (South east) i can either order online and get delivered or go to a local shop if there is one.
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