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  1. Thanks, but i'v ordered some mounts off amazon
  2. Ok, thank you, i might just do that
  3. Well my Well MB02 has arrived, but i seemed to have lucked out as my scope mounts off my full bore rifle dont fit, way too small Do i need a special mount for airsoft ?
  4. So i guess i use google to find any sites in my area in Surrey, or is there a list somewhere ?
  5. Where can i find about all the "jargon" like "hop up" and "EBR". I have now ordered a cheap rifle a Well MB02, your all going to tell me its "crap" and its bright orange, would have prefered blue but i couldn't find one in that colour. I have an old full bore rifle scope to put on it, if the mounts fit 3-9 x 40 Tasco
  6. Are they not to powerful to use in the garden as i don't fancy putting holes in the fence
  7. Thank you for this, but i have yet to by an airsoft gun, are they all bright orange or bright blue
  8. Hello all I'm new here and new to airsoft, so will be looking arround a bit cheers
  9. Hello all, Being that i'm 47 am i too old for airsoft, i used to shoot small bore and air rifles but gave it up because of the expense. Seeing airsoft on youtube (sorry) i thought it might be something i could take up seeing that the price for 5000 bb's is about £9 when it was costing me £9 for 50 .22 lr match ammo. I have looked at many clubs online in my area (Surrey) but they all seem to be the same, ie No target shooting . As i have two bad legs and my running about the woods are now over for me Do airsoft clubs have ranges to shoot targets,tin cans or is that a pipe dream Regards Mart
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