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  1. its 320 at 0.2g and dont like the look of any suppresser i would do that but the problem is i don't want the ugly front sight so was looking for a new full outer barrel and then get a net inner barrel that would work
  2. hello so i have a G&G cm16 raider with the short barrel now i dont play in cqb sites atm and am looking at getting a longer inner and outer barrel for my gun how ever i also need a new front ris rail to accommodate the new barrels so is there any one that knows of inner outer barrels new hopup new ris rail and any other upgrade i can do to make the gun more accuret at range
  3. i didnt mean to snap and yeah i have looked will see about ordering 1 of them and seeing how they fit and feed first before ordering 6
  4. im only looking for 450 mags because i need 6 new ones for my chest rig and not looking for electric mags the reason i dont want to have 140 round mags is not much point when i play skirmish i have 30round mags for when i go to millsim games
  5. Hello i need to get 12 more mags for me and a fiend we have the same gun and i dont want to have to pay 21.95 for each mag and every cheep one i have found douse not fit the mag catch hole on all of them are to low so mag falls out looking for 450rnd high cap or some good mid caps
  6. i want to make it shoot good its the short barrel cm16 atm it just shoots left and right now and then and its not wind as have shot inside at range i cant go over 350 fps
  7. is there any way you could tell me best way to do the upgrades as never done this only worked on my real guns and what brand spring gearbox piston head and nozel should i get as not to sure the diffrence
  8. so i noticed that everyone that has my gun at the event i went to had upgraded the internals i am looking at getting more distance and accuracy so that i can have better consistency i have to keep the gun under 350 for the site i play at i am currently running 317 i have the odd couple of rounds that go of track and that not a dirty barrel as i have cleaned it hop up has had 6000 bbs properly more so that shouldn't be a problem looking at doing spring hopup and barrel.
  9. Hello i just played my first airsoft game on Saturday and looking at playing another on next Sunday i am noticing that i need to carry more mags and am looking at getting something like a chest rig as plate carriers look like a bib for me a bit about my self 6.1 and big i have not had any physical activity's in about 4 years due to some bad health now i am ready to get back into relative shape looking for stuff that would fit 50 waist and 4xl chest so any suggestions would be grate at the game i got told bye a couple of people bigger then me that they got there stuff of amazon but cant remember the names they game me and cant find anything more then 2xl.
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