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  1. So I was fitting the hopup back into the gun and the spring to push hopup against gearbox fell out. I didn't notice this and tried the gun. BBs were feeding fine but now I have a gap between the gearbox and the hop. Does this mean the air nozzle is not being pulled back far enough to allow BBs into the hop?
  2. Titan fitted in like a glove, no issues at all. No problems putting the gearbox back together, I will double check it tonight. Would the ROF setting cause a feeding issue?
  3. Hi guys, I have fitted a gate titan v2 to my APS Boar Tactical. Before this the gun fired fine but now it will not feed. The only time it did fire it sounded as if the spring was weak and the BB barely traveled any distance. Has anyone had the same experience replacing their trigger unit with the gate titan? If anyone has advice on what could be causing the feeding issue I would appreciate it.
  4. Hi dazzer306, Sorry if it was unclear but I do not want to reduce FPS, I changed the hop and it caused fps to drop.
  5. Thanks @Hangtight will check with it fully assembled, didn't think about the nozzle location. Now I think about it that should have been something I checked in the beginning.
  6. Hi Ciangovern, I have had no problems using 11.1 lipo 25c with my ETU + Mosfet. I wouldn't use an 11.1 without a mosfet but that is just personal preference. I don't have enough knowledge to state on using it without.
  7. Thank you all for the advice! So I took it all apart, tried the BB drop test. Just for sanity sake I tried a few different combinations. Barrel on it's own - Obvious results, BB fell through no problems. Barrel with Bucking - BB fell through no problems. Complete Barrel+Hop - BB get's stuck. It appears to get stuck on the nub window/ cut out. Hop was turned completely off. I didn't have any spare bucking to try out so will order some others to test. Can anyone suggest some bucking to try out? I also noticed a slight tilt left and right with the hopup which I believe is due to the new hopup being slightly smaller in size. Once fitted, if I stick my hand into the mag chamber/hole I can move the hop left and right (the BB funnel would then be off centre). I am going to attempt to secure this in place with some padding either side to prevent any moment. Thanks again people, appreciate it!
  8. Thank you, I have some other buckings I will give them a try as well. Appreciate the advice.
  9. Cheers, I will give this a try tonight!
  10. Hello, I am slowly making my way into the wonderful world of upgrades. I opted for a new hop up which for all purposes looked to be far better than standard design. http://www.ak2m4.co.uk/internal-parts/hopups-rubbers/zci-prowin-style-cnc-hopup-chamber-m4 with Prometheus purple bucking. I put this into my APS Boar tact m4 which has caused a number of issues. FPS drop and also a misfeed issue. Previously the APS was shooting around 420 FPS, once I placed the new hopup in this dropped quite significantly to around 300. Can anyone advise what the potential cause for such an FPS drop could be?
  11. OH good god! I'm glad you know what you are doing. That sounds scary to me, fear of the unknown! Small update from me, I bought a Noveske Flamepig flashhider from Madbull. Took the stock flash hider off the end, no problems there, just a small grub screw. Pick up the flamepig, all looks good, correct thread size - 14mm. Line up flamepig and barrel, begin to tighten...why isn't this working? Double check thread size...no that is correct, try again. What the F%&K am I doing wrong? Youtube G&G flash hider removal. Try again, still won't go on. Took me an hour to realise I had bought positive thread. That was a fun evening. I have also ruined a trigger switch for a torch by trying to shorten the cabling and resoldering. Ran out of flux, forgot to tin the end of the solder gun. Awful time all round. Lot's of lessons learn, 0 productivity to date.
  12. Little update from myself on this, played 3 times using the 11.1v lipo from component shop = http://www.componentshop.co.uk/11-1v-1000mah-20c-continuous-discharge-airsoft-lipo-split-pack.html no problems here, works great now. I'm a huge fan of the 3 round burst also. That battery also fits rather well if you keep the mosfet in the stock tube. 2 cells down one side, last cell on the other. During my discussion with G&G via email, I was informed they would be updating their details on what battery to use so I guess that is why the latest manual online has 11.1v lipo as the recommended battery to use. As for charger, I am using a Imax b6 copy (did not realise it was a copy at the time of purchase) it works well enough but I would suggest going for either a real Imax b6 by skyrc or Turnigy Accucel 6. You don't have to use a smart charger for your batteries but I recommend that you do. SD will be able to provide you with great information than I.
  13. Thank you SD + Prof, I will stay away from the silicone oil, I will stick with a dry rag for now. Will mark up on the rod as you have said. I was aware about not going near the hop. But not clued up on the reasoning why as such. Thank you for the information/ link, I had a quick look but will give it greater viewing tonight. I saw that particular firehawk only had full auto, odd as I don't know any sites which would allow that. Not for CQB anyway. I do have a TM G17, it makes sense to just use the Pred (maybe with a foregrip, torch) and Glock for CQB. Certainly makes it a lot easier on the bank!
  14. OK, 1 full day skirmish at The Grange, I love the Predator. Great gun, no problems with it at all. 11.1v lipo ran all day, should I have changed it regardless at lunch? One lead at a time, got it. Ha! I'll leave it as it is for now then, when would a rewiring be required? I didn't try the hopup on the day, I was hitting 10-20 ft signs with obvious ease and 30 with barely any aim adjustment. I do need to clean the barrel tonight, got the silicon oil for that. I will check the hop one I am doing that tonight. Had a great day with only one gripe and that was my own stupidity of kneeling in a nettles bush. Knee felt like it was about 20ft wide after! At the Grange they mentioned a new CQB site that will be opening in Birmingham, a 2 story warehouse. I was looking at a stubby m4 for using in CQB environments (so I can just use the mags I currently have). I was tempted by the G&G Firehawk.
  15. I bet Jimmy can't wait to change all these mosfets, this is what all those years of training has boiled down to. This is it Jimmy, this is your moment! Tomorrow is Skirmish day for the new 11.1v lipo so will certainly have something to report back on, fingers crossed the gun doesn't stop firing. I was just making a mental list of connections to change over to deans, Battery, cable to mosfet and one for the charger. If this lipo works fine tomorrow, I don't think I'll bother changing the stock. One thing, I was looking at the hopup last night. I couldn't move it at all! is this usual for out of the box? there is a tiny screw in the dial, does this need undoing before it will turn? Just want to say Thanks for all your advice and help SD
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