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  1. Would this be a better option than the two i previously posted? http://www.taiwangun.com/en/5-in-1-sniper-set-cm-701b-cm?from=listing&campaign-id=19
  2. Is there any middle ground with going for a gun like that though? because if i pay £220 for the gun from out of the box it looks very poor, in which case i would have to then put another £300 into it to make it top class, because im assuming i cant just upgrade the spring to the best then hope everything else copes then upgrade the barrel then the cylinders ect Edit: im not looking for the worlds best gun im just looking for something reliable with some power and accuracy that i could build upon slightly if needed
  3. Heya im a fairly new player thats yet to play in a skirmish currently only playing with a few friends in some private woodland, i previously owned a cheap famas from justbbguns which broke i then stepped up to a SCR SR4 however i must prefered the gameplay i had with the FAMAS dispite it being less FPS and spring. Taking this into consideration i would like to get back into a marksman role and to do this i will be going down the sniper rifle route. I have around £350 to spend (im 20) and already have the clothing protection ect just need a new rifle. Ive looked at the Well MB10(a) As a potential Rifle but it feels abit too good to be true, the FPS out of the box and the construction seems abit over the top for a £130 Which makes me think there are some major defects im missing. The other rifle i am considering is the Modify MOD24 This gun has less FPS than the Well MB10a and weighs more but from what i can tell internally is strong, however it is £330 which is obviously a massive jump. Is it really worth paying the extra £200 just for the internals? Just hoping to get some advice from people who may have had these guns or know alittle more P.S i would prefer not to go down the VSR 10 route
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