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  1. Ross49

    G&g g96 sv

    Not pulling but twisting yes nothing
  2. Ross49

    G&g g96 sv

    This is the air nozzle of my g&g g96 sv. Any idea how to remove it? As I want to change the spring I've tried heating it and using some grips but it won't turn iv searched the Internet and can not find anything
  3. Does anyone have a voucher code for taiwangun?
  4. OK last question Where do you purchase a licence from for other channels Thanks Ross
  5. Do the ones in the link above have this ctcss?
  6. Thank you for your advice This is what I was looking at https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00GFDTTM6/ref=cm_sw_r_fm_apa_T7KCxbKW79QZT
  7. Evening all I need some advice Me and my team mates are looking at getting radio gear for on the field but not sure how the channels work my mate said that there are only 8 public frequencys that can be used is this correct? So of there are more than 8 teams with raido gest there will be cross over? Hope that makes sense and some one can correct us if we are wrong Thanks Ross
  8. First of all to see if I can do it. 2nd of the pistol cost £19.99 and I have no other use for it
  9. Right time for some clarity I have a co2 pistol with no hop up that fires at about 450 fps so can't use it at any site so my plan is to make a barrel about 400 mm in length and fit a hop up unit on the end of the pistol, incase the lot in a carbine kit adaptor fit a outer barrel from something like an m4. Making a co2 sniper
  10. Good Evening As I have asked questions and always received good incitful answers I pose another question. Why is the hop up unit located at the start of the barrel? As apposed to in the middle or at the end? When providing your thoughts please ignore the fact that the bb is inserted at this end and focus on the position of the nub Regards Ross
  11. Anybody from here going this Sunday?
  12. Does this site have a on site shop? I've been looking at the website but nothing is mentioned
  13. Has anybody used this site? Any issues or comments?
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