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  1. Sean

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    TM H&K 416D 1 x mid cap 1 x hi cap Charger New set of camo gear and safety wear. Absolutely skint 😢
  2. Sean

    Advice on goggles with built-in fan or fan kit

    Where did you get them from? How much did you pay? They look just what I'm looking for. How did you find the breathing? Was it at all restrictive?
  3. Yeah thanks mate. I emailed them twice but had no reply. When I went to combat south a couple of weeks ago Russell said the guy who used to run it died just before Christmas and they were still undecided how it was going to carry on. I'm going to combat South on Sunday for the first time. Heard nothing but good things and it should only take 45 mins early Sunday traffic.
  4. Interesting as I live in shoreham so it's not too far from be. I'd be interested to see how it goes. How often are they being run?
  5. Sean


    The debt 100% won't fall in their term. They are still struggling to get the deficit down let alone tacking the debt. And for the record I voted for them. They are doing a decent job imo but there have been a number of recent tax changes that are attacking the wrong sort of people. Just my opinion of course
  6. Sean

    TM HK 416D

    Is the whole trades thing a good thing to have on the gun or simply irrelevant?
  7. Sean

    Hello fellow skirmishers

    Hi 👍🏻
  8. Sean

    TM HK 416D

    Funnily enough I went down there and spoke to Russell yesterday. He was a really nice guy and spent ages going through all the options. It was a costly visit as I was getting all of the safety gear and just chatting about potential guns. This was top of the list of those I tried. Since then I have tried to find out as much as I can about the gun. I really liked the non-dry Fire feature.
  9. Sean

    TM HK 416D

    Thanks. Have you done any other mods other than the battery connection? How did you find the 280fps?
  10. Sean

    TM HK 416D

    Googled it. Other than sites who sell it (who I'm a little sceptical about) and the standard videos that spend most the time talking through the unboxing I couldn't find hardly any actual reviews of the gun
  11. Sean

    TM HK 416D

    Has anyone used or own one of these? If so what are your thoughts? There doesn't seem to be many reviews out there so I would be interested to hear what you have to say. Thanks
  12. Sean

    Using a RIF without UKARA at an airsoft site

    In your opinion what do you see as the point in Vcra? To me it seems a half arsed approach to it. Like you say it needs to be self-governing which in itself is almost an open door for misuse. What do you think?
  13. Sean

    Using a RIF without UKARA at an airsoft site

    Does anyone on here want to be my friend? You gift me an RIF I will gift you some money. It's a bit of a farce really isn't it? I understand the reason why they try and police it but surely this isn't the way.
  14. Sean

    Using a RIF without UKARA at an airsoft site

    So in the same instance. If I don't have a defence. However a good friend does. He gives me an RIF as a gift. Is that ok?
  15. Sean

    First outing

    Thanks for the reply. So budget permitting what guns would you be looking at? Are there a few manufacturers I should put to the top of the list?