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  1. what about the barrel? And what hop up/bucking should I get (making sure it pairs up well with the barrel) And can you also make a list of upgrades (with brand) that I could get?
  2. thanks, can anyone else help me out on this?
  3. I got a gun abut 4 months ago and its accuracy,range and grouping is getting worse even after using the hop up adjustment. Its an m4. Please don't lecture me about this topic I just really need a straight and informative answer. What internal upgrades can I place on my SRC SR4 TCC to improve accuracy,range and grouping? My budget is 350 pounds
  4. why don't you prefer high voltage batteries such as 9.6?
  5. trigger, what battery do you recommend
  6. http://www.tomsgardenequipment.co.uk/category/Accessories/product/Greenworks_24V_2AH_Lithiumion_Battery/ so is this battery worth it or not?
  7. And overall what would you say the best airsoft battery is (brand and model)?
  8. so lips are the best batteries? And why is it bad having a 14.8v battery, isn't it better if its high powered?
  9. yes but eventually when my gun breaks what upgrades can i fit/ other upgrades for accuracy
  10. I agree completely. But is there any other gun upgrade I can get?
  11. Do all aeg guns use any type of batteries. such as an aeg using a 9.6v or an 7.4v? What is the difference? And if one battery offers higher power why doesn't everybody go for a higher voltage battery?
  12. thanks guys so i need a firefly bucking,m100 (my airsoft site requires low fps), prom my blue flat nub and psi 6.08 barrel. Anything else that could enhance performance? (even by a tad)
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