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  1. Oh and when I pushed the marked metal bit it makes that exact clicking noise that I think is something being out of alignment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjjN9PBlz-8 i made a video so you can see.
  2. 1: yes, it is ready to fire, and after that all the shots seem normal, as there is a lot of force pushing the bolt. 2: no issues 3: yes it still gets stuck if it's already been charged One thing o must mention, I pushed the hammer down manually on fully auto, and the trigger wouldn't do anything, like it was stuck until the small metal part was pushed forward ( the part you marked out with an arrow)
  3. Thanks for all your help, but I just don't have the tech skills for this sort of thing, is there a place I can get it serviced by professionals? Thanks!
  4. I'll send a picture, I just need to get on my computer. Thanks for everyone's help!
  5. The only place that looks worn out is the part that catches the bolt when the mag is empty, and I cleaned all round there, and that's not the problem. As I said, only in auto it does this l, but when it's up it looks a bit bent. But I'm to sure if it is supposed to be. Thanks for everyone's help.
  6. I just had a long look at one on google and my one, they look identical! Although, it could be that it's such a small difference I'm not able to identify it.
  7. It's only started doing it since I got a hpa mag. I think it might have bent it with some of the sustained fire I have been doing.
  8. Hi, I'm new here, and this is a last resort because no one will help me, pts doesn't respond and nether does my local shop. Now the problem is when ever I charge the bolt to load in a mag, the bolt gets stuck right at the last bit, so I have to use the forward assist. And when I do it makes a horrid click. Also this ONLY happens when the gun is in auto mode, when in semi it's fine. I really am stumped.
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