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  1. Hi I have a gsg 522 mp5 SD, basically a ICS mx5 sd. I have lost the middle push pin between the trigger and magazine well and cannot find where to buy one online. I have also lost the metal inner cylinder that the rear pin fits into on the stock. Many thanks
  2. I couldn't even compress it into the gear box, I'm not weak by any means but it was way too long and strong to compress into it.
  3. hi I ordered a shs m100 spring to downgrade my mp5 to less than 350fps, only to find the current spring is shorter and weaker than the new m100. How would the fps be downgraded with a stronger longer spring? Maybe the spring was mislabeled? I dont have a chrono to test the fps, so i only really want to swap the spring to the right on first time. The current spring put out 355-360fps and I need this lowered by next skirmish.
  4. Ok thanks, I've ordered a new buckling and a shs m100 spring, hopefully I'll be getting more accurate shooting with consistent fps
  5. I found the nub, tricky thing to put into its hole haha, also theres a small mound on the inside of that clear rubber, the mound is pretty much ruined, missing chunks in it. I assume replacing that clear rubber with something like this http://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?cPath=278_477_346_605&products_id=8958 would help? The hop up unit is a slider, it doesnt have gears like other hop up units. And what spring type and brand would you lot recommend for under 350fps?
  6. Theres a little rubber seal that was on the barrel - http://imgur.com/a/GFXAH its looks quite old, worth replacing the entire unit?
  7. http://imgur.com/a/0OZoi Images of the barrel and hop up unit
  8. Hi I went skirmishing yesterday and chrono'ed my g&g 522 using .2g BB's (BB king) and they were consistent 346fps area, then for the official chrono done by the marshals using blaster devil .2g the fps shot up to 360fps. Also the bb at a distance of around 30m+ they dip and drift to the right (3m or so drift) it did this all day, and it wasn't windy. In the afternoon I chrono'ed my gun again using bb king bb's and every other shot was 300fps, then 340fps etc. The barrel is brass and is about 32cm long from a sniper rifle (previous owner upgrade) I was told the drift was probably a misaligned hop up, and I need to get the fps reduced to under 350fps using marshals BB's. What spring and brand would put me under the 350fps mark, and how would I fix the hop up? While the gun is apart is it work upgrading the hop up? This is my first airsoft gun, but I am comfortable taking it apart. Thanks
  9. I got it chrono'ed at my local site and it shoots under the limit at 347fps, phew
  10. Ok great, thank you for your help!
  11. Ok, so a spring swap is a must, I don't want to get turned away from the site, that would be embarrassing haha. So what spring model would I need, m'something' 90,100? I would like to be as close to 350fps and but remain under it. Thanks!
  12. Just asked him today and he said there's an American version that does near 400fps and his does around 360 fps, would I be let in with 360fps? Just over the limit. How about offering to run with heavier BB's to reduce fps?
  13. Hi I'm new to air soft and this will be my first gun, its a gsg mp5 522 with suppressor, new barrel fitted that goes to the end of the suppressor. What would be the rough fps on this gun? I've seen vastly varying numbers from over 400fps to just under 300pfs. Local site limit is 350fps with .2g. Could someone point me to the place to buy a spring downgrade if needed? My friend who is giving it to me says its around 360fps but hes not sure at all. Many thanks.
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