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  1. Just gonna try answer this short and clearly. My opinion: NO I don't know the law on this, so not gonna pretend I do. But to save you lots of hassle and grief, don't fire your rifs in your garden. Especially if you don't get on with your neighbours. Or you might get the police smashing down your front door.
  2. Military1st are top notch, brought a lot of my gear from them, mostly my camo. Tackticalkit are also brilliant.
  3. Best colour and camo to go with black is black multicam. http://multicampattern.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/multicam_blac_tru_spec.jpg
  4. WEAR ONE Yes teeth do get shot out! it happened to our site because the guy cant see throught his scope with one on, but that was after his tooth got shot out. - It will save you money on your dentist bill. - When you smile you won't look like a tool after getting shot out. - Could be painful? (I always wear a mask) Then again its your choice!
  5. Alot of this is mostly experience and playstyle. Yes snipers and DMRs outrange AEGs, but an AEG is a AEG no matter how much you upgrade it. How much experience you got? While playing airsoft you got to keep asking yourself questions, or better put [[micro decisions]]. For example, ATTACKING - should I push up? - Is there cover for me I can get behind after pushing up - where are the enemy and what angles do they have, while I push. - what are the advantages do I get for me or my team if I push at said location. - when running is my path clear Ofcourse these all seem obvious, but its the obvious mistakes we do that mostly costs us being hit, like overly extending or not evaluating ranges or angles and player positions. The more you play, the better you will become; just like in everything we do within time.
  6. If the shotty is going to be secondary then 2 point sling, as you can thorw it around your back as Alee91 said. This then lets you have freedom to aim with your G&G cm16 as normal per-se.
  7. I use Wiley X Spear googles, they dont fog at all.. but I have removed some of the foam on the top and bottom where it filters sand and dust from your eyes for more air cirulation. They work very well, took many shots to the eyes and no scratches but they are military grade eye protection, they sit far from your face and can take prescription inserts. I take my eye protection serious before anything else in airsoft, my advice is to spend a lot on your eye pro and make sure it has the correct impact kite mark on them. The goggles retail at a high price, but you want the best!!!
  8. Pentcott Greenzone is what I use, cost a lot but it's pretty damn effective in woodland.
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